Set Of Management Standards At Work

Set Of Management Standards At Work


Create a Better Workplace Environment


Most companies recognize that the old way managing and leading people, the authoritarian style of simply telling people what to do, does not work well in today’s much more educated and progressive society.  In fact, like you, we know it causes you conflict, resentment and takes away from productivity and morale in the workplace.  Communication that is one way-from the top down, actually alienates employees.

Most company’s’ work environments are not consistent-they tend to change based on variables such as the leader in charge. So, depending upon the leaders in charge, dictates the cohesion, harmony and productivity of the area in or the entire organization. The mistake: Instead of a set of standards– the organization is leaving their sustainability and success up to the emotions and whims of the individual. From a stockholder point of view, not a very good idea!


Set of management standards at work

Standards: GSC Leadership Style



Cohesion, harmony and success is NOT just the mission or how the operation of machinery works, or inbound/outbound distribution; it’s all about how you lead, interact and regulate the workplace environment or CULTURE! 


How people behave with one another,

  • how they talk,
  • email,
  • speak on the phone,
  • customer service,
  • coworker interaction,
  • what to say and do (appropriate and inappropriate)

must be defined for EVERYONE in the organization to ensure complete success.  The standard you need eliminates mis-communication, conflict and inconsistent supervision of people as well as people managing based on their own beliefs or feelings of how things should be run, is what we provide at the Team-builder Leadership Institute (Conflict-free)!


Our leadership and management development programs help you instill a set of standards from top down, to last the life of the company and ANYONE who works there!


THE solution to ANY Workplace Culture Problems!

If you don’t have a Standard, chaos exists!

Standards make it easy for everyone to follow and have an effective way to conduct business.


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erase conflictThis does not mean making people be ‘cookie cutter’ or not have their own personality or style, it means, defining behaviors and actions when delegating to others, speaking to people negatively, acting out or belittling people. The standard process we teach absolutely eliminates workplace conflict.

This is not just a policy and procedure manual, or a manual to operate a piece of machinery. It is a manner and approach of the way people work together TO understand and follow the policy handbook or machine operations.



When you incorporate this standard we teach you, it implements a Universal set of behaviors, skills and techniques that ALL people respond POSITIVELY TO!
It creates cohesion and commitment to the desired results; No more whining or complaining about how much money people don’t make, or who got what, concern about politics or who got the promotion because they were there the longest.
The standard makes it so all promotions, advancement and rewards are based on achieved results, NOT on personal relationships.
Its fair, it’s clear and in the best interest of everyone AND the organization and the goals and targeted objectives. It helps EVERYONE GET WHAT THEY WANT.



Set of management standards at work

Sustainable cooperation within a culture.


By establishing, for EVERYONE, clear standards of conduct (behaviors) and performance creates a stable and positive environment where all may learn, grow, and succeed. Clearly defined and enforced boundaries and expectations for all team members increase individual and team performance, enthusiasm, and success.



Recipe for success

Imagine that you went to a new restaurant and ordered a meal on Saturday and loved it!

But when you went back the following Saturday, The same meal did not taste the same- it tasted terrible!

That’s the kind of inconsistency you get when you have no standard.

Regardless of the chef, the meal should taste, look, and be the same (meet the same standard)!

A standard IS THE recipe for SUCCESS—Your success! 

Your company’s success and ALL who work with you.


People are MOST effective when there is a standard, because there is consistency.


When you have a standard in place, it doesn’t matter who comes or goes, where they worked before or what environmental changes occur (takeovers/mergers); the appropriate behaviors and actions are the guide that keeps the company running efficiently, through any challenges.



Learn more about GSC leadership Standard and System!!

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