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Course features:
This training package consists of multiple interactive immersion courses. Each course consists of video and or audio lessons with accompanying workbook. Throughout each course, are immersion activities that facilitate using the skills and techniques being learned and insure assimilation and mastery of the information. There are unit assessments and an end of course assessment to gauge your comprehension and assimilation of the skills and techniques. 180 Course Hours CE




Critical Professional Workplace Skills to Develop High Performing Employees


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Organizational leaders overwhelmed by too much responsibility – wearing too many hats. I Often get little accomplished.

Most would agree, all people deserve a fair chance to succeed. Unfortunately, in organizations, their chances are very dependent on the quality of their direct leadership. It’s a great thought to think all leaders give the employees they are responsible for the information and workplace skills they will need to succeed. However, it most cases that is not what happens. Leaders tend to focus more on their clerical and personal production responsibilities than they do their employee development responsibilities. In truth, it is a big burden to have, to produce individual products like reports, analyses, recommendations, plans, and data while also developing a group of people to ensure their success at the same time. Working around your own personal production requirements and that of the employees, is in many cases, is nearly impossible, the production requirements are just too demanding.



What are the core workplace skills every leader should know and successfully develop in their employees to ensure the success of the individuals and the organization? Every individual is only as effective as their organizing, prioritizing and task execution processes and skills. Many people have never been exposed to well organized, effective planning and execution examples to learn from, much less having received any training to that end. Task planning, organization and execution is the difference between having a “body” and having a highly productive employee! Unfortunately, many leaders don’t have these skills to pass on even if they found the time.

Next, besides those basic workplace skills of planning, organizing and executing tasks, the next must-have core skills are those that create a fluid, positive and co-creative work environment. These workplace skills are the mental alignment to work with others (focus on common goals instead of physical differences), and the ability to effectively communicate and interact with a diverse group of people. The understanding of diversity and the ability to communicate positively and effectively are an absolute must for a high performing team. In truth, for any team that’s going to produce a quality result.

workplace skills, professional skills, corporate cultureAfter these three core areas, one of the biggest challenges all organizations face is producing quality leaders that can produce success and lead the organization into the future. Periodic leadership training is a nice attempt to meet this challenge. However, creating a leadership culture where employees are trained and developed to become highly productive leaders everyday while performing their duties is the absolute best way to overcome this challenge. By creating an organizational culture of leadership development, it maximizes, initiative, productivity,

introspection, teamwork, and individual professional development.



Executive managers can leave it to front line supervisors and managers to first, have or acquire these core workplace skills and then effectively train everyone else on them. However, a much more efficient way, is to give all employees these core skills that builds this high-performance culture. Providing this core training to each new employee as part of their onboarding process, is an important step to building this culture. With organizational focus this creates that winning culture while taking the burden off of people often ill equipped to handle it. Most importantly, it ensures the organization and the individuals in it have the necessary tools for success!

workplace skills, corporate culture, professional skillsTo produce this highly desirable result for organizations the Team-builder Leadership Institute’s Workplace Performance Success System training was created. This group of online courses provides training in four areas. It consists of the courses:

  1. Understanding and Mastering Diversity – In-depth understanding and usage of diversity
  2. Communication Success Plan – How to communicate so the interact is positive and understood
  3. High Performance Project Management – in-depth task planning, organizing and execution processes and activities
  4. Goals, Structure, Culture Leadership – Culture building influence leadership skills, techniques and activities


Who Will This Training Benefit:

This training is perfect for:

  • New employee training any industry
  • Employees new to the workforce
  • Remedial training
  • On-boarding training
  • Performance enhancement training
  • Scenarios where employees suffer challenges in leadership, communication, organization & efficiency

Imagine if your new employees were all at a rating of 8 out of 10 in both people and technical skills within weeks of employment at the company. Or, if your existing staff raised their people and technical core skills to a rating of 8 out 10 within weeks. What would it do for production and the environmental climate? A small investment can yield a tremendous return when placed on the right opportunity! Don’t just pay your employees, help them pay you back through performance. 

Together these four online courses create a powerful base of core workplace skills that will give your workforce the abilities and direction to coalesce into a powerful and positive workforce while creating an organizational culture of high performance and sustainability! Because it’s online training, it’s available 24/7. Your employees can train when it’s in-line with the needs and best interests of the organization and its mission achievement. Don’t hope others can provide what your people and organization need to succeed. Provide those core workplace skills and know your success is not at the mercy of other’s knowledge and willingness to perform!


Maximize your employees’ R.O.I. & results!

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