Workplace Culture

Creating Workplace Culture

The Difference Between Total Success and Total Chaos


Workplace Culture:
The goal of any leadership team should be for the workplace culture to be harmonious, engaging and highly productive. Once achieved the possibilities are unlimited.

When our clients and perspective clients often ask us, “What is the workplace culture”?

The answer is simple. It’s what you feel when you are at work.


Workplace culturePeople are emotional creatures who can think logically not logical creates who can think emotionally. We feel our way through our day and even our life.

That is why work culture is so very important and impactful, you feel it constantly when in the workplace. Our thoughts develop from how we perceive our environment. This generates our feelings. So whether we have a good day or a bad is a result of how we feel in our surroundings. We can look to customer service as an example.


Unfortunately, we’ve all seen employees unhappy with their surroundings passing those negative feelings on to their customers.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, workplace culture dictates which companies succeed and which will simply fade away. The good news is that, a company’s “Work Culture” is created! Whether the leadership design and build it or let it happen by itself, they’ve done it. Of course, the first way the culture feels like you want and need it to and the second it’s the luck of the draw!


Building your work culture requires designing and implementing the work environment so it feels and functions the way you want and need it to. When you design your work culture everything feels and functions the way you need it to ensuring maximum output and minimum negativity or distraction.


Why Have TLI Help You?

At TLI, we exist because we believe every company should have a positive and productive work culture. Our mission is and always has been to make it so everyone can go to work and be successful and appreciated in an engaging and rewarding environment. Our change agents are certified in “Spiral Dynamics Integral” Level 1 & Level 2.¹ We have the tools, specialized training and the talents to analyze an existing culture and identify where the workplace culture doesn’t function and feel as desired and needed. We also have the design and implementation ability to implement a new culture. In fact, we know a winning work culture is the key to smooth sailing and success, so it’s our focus and specialty.

Call us today for a free consultation and let’s get your work culture so it feels like success!

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¹ Human cognitive understanding and environmental change mastery certifications from the Spiral Dynamics Institute.

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