What Can TLI Do For You?

What Can the Team-Builder Leadership Institute Do for You?


TLI’s training is designed to transform your workplace!


WE Can:

  • Build you a work culture that is positive, inclusive, tolerant and highly productive.
  • Provide employees emotional armor so negativity doesn’t affect their productivity and happiness.
  • Provide a cognitive understanding and peace with the differences in people. Why they behave and act differently.
  • Create a team oriented and focused workforce that is committed to personal and organizational success.
  • Provide skills, knowledge and techniques that will give your employees the opportunity to lead a happy, healthy and productive life style of personal growth and success.
  • Build in a leadership methodology that develops employee self-confidence, positive behaviors, appreciation, and opportunity teaching them how to develop into solid, secure and capable individual.
  • Provide your leaders with the knowledge, skills and techniques to constantly and consistently develop solid employee as well as, highly skilled future leaders.
  • Get your workforce to commit to the success of one another and the organization.
  • Create a work culture that fulfills the needs of young American workers providing the closeness, comfort and inclusion they seek and that earns their loyalty.
  • Provide your workforce clear behavioral and operational standards that solidifies performance, builds confidence and creates opportunity for initiative.


The Workforce Has Changed. Is Your Organization Ready?

We’ve all seen or heard the statistics showing that most of the American workforce is unhappy with their workplace. We’ve all experienced and heard of bosses mistreating employees, abusing their authority or just plain being apathetic to their employee’s needs.  At TLI we see ourselves as the “White Knights of the Workplace”. Our training doesn’t just help a person get better at their job. Our training builds a work-culture of positive, inclusive, team focused, confident and happy employees. It’s time that organizations adopted the philosophy that will engage the people in their workforce. American society has changed significantly over the last three decades. Young Americans want a workplace that is friendly, inclusive, engaging, social and provides opportunity for personal and professional growth. Throwing money at people to get the best and brightest no longer works as well as it once did.



Americans in the workforce are looking for quality of life. Younger Americans seek to live a healthy, happy life full of positive experiences with others. They are committed to their physical, mental and spiritual health and development much more than previous generations. They are not willing to endure a hostile or toxic work environment for better pay as did previous generations. Many companies understand this and have adopted a work culture and philosophy that make their workplace an opportunity for growth in a positive, healthy and engaging environment. Those companies that have not, will soon find themselves in the unenviable position of trying to catch up. Unfortunately, we’ve all seen that doesn’t always work out for organizations.



Best Individual and company trainingYoung Americans are more social, mort tolerant, and more open and more technologically savvy than previous generations. They have evolved and so too must the workplace to successfully gain their trust and commitment. TLI has the expertise, understanding and passion to help your company evolve to become a workplace that is appreciated, enjoyed and sought out by high talent workers with their high expectations. It’s not about paying them more. It’s about making them feel fulfilled, appreciated, supported, included and understood.


How are we different from our competition?

Our focus is not to just provide training. Where other companies only focus on making the training session entertaining and adequately full of content, so it will be remembered fondly even if it didn’t create long term change.  At TLI our focus is to create a work environment that is self-sustaining, high productive and appreciated by the workforce. We are committed to fulfilling the physical and emotional needs of people, so work is something they are good at and enjoy not something they tolerate for a time then leave for greener pastures. The future of an organization’s performance will be determined by its work culture. TLI understands this and provides the path so the transition and evolution of the organization will be as painless as possible while increasing productivity.

Our training programs are based on psychological research defining what behaviors and techniques have a positive impact on interactions in the workplace. It’s achievement through harmony, not achievement at all costs. We focus on creating a sustainable, harmonious, productive work environment. Our online courses are designed by experts and easy to use. All include immersion activities to provide actual practice of the taught techniques. Also included are unit assessments to assure and increase information assimilation. Our courses are designed to support one another each adding another body of knowledge and layer toward transforming the work environment to a cohesive, harmonious, sustainable and productive work culture.

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