Ultimate Organizational On-boarding Training Program

Ultimate Organizational On-boarding Program


Course features:
This training package consists of multiple interactive immersion courses. Each course consists of video and or audio lessons with accompanying workbook. Throughout each course, are immersion activities that facilitate using the skills and techniques being learned and insure assimilation and mastery of the information. There are unit assessments and an end of course assessment to gauge your comprehension and assimilation of the skills and techniques. 160 or 180 Course Hours CE



What is On-boarding?


On-boarding is a process focused on getting the new employee comfortable and familiar with their new work environment so they may begin to effectively produce as quickly as possible. To achieve this, the employee must get comfortable with and learn the organization’s work environment, leadership style and operations processes.

Why is On-boarding Important?


Having an effective on-boarding process for an organization is imperative in today’s work environment. Younger people want to work where they are comfortable. They want to work in an environment they understand. They want to feel that they contribute and that they understand how to be successful. Proper on-boarding provides a new employee with this familiarity and understanding of their new work environment. 


When employees do not have an effectively structured on-boarding program they often are at the mercy of other individual’s negativity. They can experience being taught bad work habits. They may not understand where they fit and what they are to contribute or how. They can be confused as to who they are required to answer to and how.


How do you Effectively On-board a New Employee?


On-boarding an employee is done by quickly and comfortable assimilating them into a well defined work environment. This means the employee quickly learns exactly what is expected of them in behavior and actions. They know who to interact with in what way to meet their obligations to the organization. They are taught what is expected and acceptable and what is not acceptable in the workplace. The employee must be quickly introduced to the organization’s:


  • Work culture 
  • Leadership structure and culture
  • Performance standards
  • Processes and systems
  • Path of personal success
  • Expectations


As soon as an individual reports to work, psychologically they begin looking for what they perceive as the proper behaviors and actions. How they fit in, what actions will become their  habits here, what will be their “norm”. On-boarding must be designed to provide that “norm” as a constructive, positive, professional and ethical set of actions and behaviors that effectively supports the efforts and goals of the organization, while conforming to workplace rules and regulations.


The On-boarding Program Should


An organization’s on-boarding program should provide information and training to the new employee that insures their smooth assimilation into the work environment. To do this, it must provide the individual and workplace expectations for all necessary behaviors and actions that constitute successful job performance. These behaviors and actions must be thoroughly outlined so they become the employee’s actions and behaviors in the workplace. Research shows good employees often leave an organization in reaction to the two major areas that dictate how a workplace feels and functions:


  • Work culture
  • Leadership culture


Toxicity in the work environment or leadership culture destroys more employee/organization relationships than the actual work ever could. How does it feel to work there? Is it positive, pleasant, focused on organizational goals? Or, is it centered around a few individual’s desired activities and focused on self-centered desires? Can employees focus on positive actions and the work or must they tolerate disruptive and negative individual actions and behaviors. The work environment and leadership culture dictate the answers to these questions. A successful workplace with a successful on-boarding program will operate through a clearly defined set of behavioral and operational standards that are the “norm” for all employees. Those standards are focused on effective positive actions and behaviors that produce the most efficient results to achieve the organization’s goals within specified time and budget restraints.


To that end, TLI provides an organization on-boarding program that meets and exceeds these required organizational needs. Our on-boarding program provides the knowledge and training teaching positive behaviors and standards for your work culture, leadership culture, and operational activities. It trains the new employee on the most effective interpersonal communication techniques to build rapport and become a positive team member. In addition, leaders learn how to ensure all their actions, behaviors and results are focused on and produce positive organizational goal achievement.


Our level two on-boarding program raises the bar even more by providing participants the knowledge, skills and technical know how to plan, organize, execute and complete any tasks or projects in a unified manner. They learn the processes and systems that facilitate efficient, positive, and accurate actions, that in turn produce the desired group and organizational results.


Level One Ultimate Organizational On-boarding – GSC, CSP, DIV


Level Two Ultimate Organizational On-boarding – GSC, CSP, DIV, HPPM


With the Ultimate Organizational On-boarding Program, TLI provides your new employee with all the professional skills to guarantee both their success and that of your organization. All that’s left for you to provide is the specific technical skills and operational behaviors of your product or service and they are set!

Even better, TLI’s Ultimate Organizational On-boarding Program will create a powerful, positive and highly productive workplace and leadership culture that will sustain your organization at peak performance indefinitely! At the same time it can instill in your organization a leadership succession program, so you’ll always have a highly trained, positive and effective leader ready when you need them. It will cost the organization a few dollars and a few days but return on that investment, efficient positive results every minute every day for the duration that the employee works at your company!

Don’t just give your new employees processes and HR paperwork. Give them the tools, standards and professional skill that will make the new employee/organization relationship positive, effective and lucrative for both! Invest a little and get a lot!


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