Training for Middle Level Managers

Training for Middle Level Managers and Leaders

Specialized Skills System

Give Your Mid-Level Managers the Power to Lead, Communicate, Organize and Operate!

Mid Level manager training

Total effective skills in one inclusive system:  

  • leading and communicating with people
  • organizing
  • planning
  • prioritizing
  • managing projects, personnel , activities and  efforts

The Need

Everyone wants teams that come to work and perform their tasks calmly, efficiently and studiously. We want teams that are self-sufficient and function cohesively and cooperatively with no drama or negativity. While this is unusual, it’s very possible and not as rare as you may believe. To create a dynamite team takes a skilled manager or supervisor. The leader only needs to do two things:

  1. Remove negativity from the work environment
  2. Keep all team members focused on the team goals

Yes, it does take some skill to accomplish those two tasks. Skills interacting with people and skills organizing, planning and controlling tasks and activities. Once learned and committed to, a leader or manager can create dedicated conscientious teams that continuously pursue success. As if that’s not enough, they also are able to teach their teams to be self-starters and self-sufficient in their efforts. This allows the leader to fulfill their other obligations middle managers and leaders end up with in today’s lean organizations.

The key is the manager or leader doesn’t learn to make the team adopt and operate with those traits. When trained with the proper skills and techniques, the manager learns to influence the team members, so they want to take the responsibility and create their own success.

You may be thinking, that’s too good to be true. However, it’s not. It requires the manager or leader to learn the specific interpersonal, influencing leadership, and workplace performance skills (organize, plan, control and close out tasks, activities and projects). The key to your leaders and managers picking up and learning to use these skills is getting the right training and getting it in the right manner.

Online Leadership TrainingIf you’ve been around for a while you’ve probably seen or participated in training sessions whether an in-house trainer or outside consultant. Training is successful when it’s tailored to the need, delivered interactively, assessed for effectiveness and reinforced with ample follow up coaching. We must remember that the purpose of training is not entertainment, it’s education. When training is generalized, delivered focused on time instead of assimilation or filled with entertainment activities, you can say you had training but rarely say there was any significant change in performance of the participants. The purpose of training is to learn new skills and behaviors that enhance abilities, provide new results, and change your abilities permanently. Like the skills you already know, that depth of assimilation requires multiple exposures and practice. Training should be enjoyable, yet focused on the desired outcome.

In addition to tailored curriculum and a focus on skills assimilation, it requires an instructor that is a SME (subject matter expert). Not only a subject matter expert but also has the skills to continuously test for knowledge assimilation and make the necessary adjustments to be a catalyst for the necessary skills assimilation. It’s not enough to provide the information, anyone with the presentation materials can do that. It requires the ability to assess an individual’s knowledge level and provide the exact information that moves each to the next level of knowledge on the subject. Most importantly, it requires an instructor that can adjust to the participant’s needs on the fly but that also has the knowledge and experience that can provide the information in the manner the participant needs it to be able to understand it. The right SME can answer any related question using both knowledge, personal experience and full insight into what works and what doesn’t and why.

online management trainingFor training to provide significant R.O.I, or any for that matter, it takes the right information, with a skilled instructor / S.M.E. and delivered the right way. Ask yourself, do you want training or the results you’re after? Of course, the results!

Our Mid-Level Manager Training is tailored to provide the skills required to be an effective manager and leader, whether leading a team or organization. Our valued customers attest to this for us.

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Our training is designed to be interactive, so the participant must learn and use the skills to move forward. Our immersion activities are designed to teach the skills and techniques but also when to use which ones and what result they will deliver. They learn to not just know the techniques but to understand the dynamics of their use. Our online courses are designed and delivered by a S.M.E. with over three decades of organizational leadership experience in positions from front line to C-Suite. Also having formal education and decades of instructional design and delivery experience with audiences around the nation and in virtually every industry.

Our training guarantees your manager’s or supervisor’s performance will dramatically improve in results both in the ability to build relationships and undertake assignments and projects with ease, producing the best-case results. That is, if they choose to learn and use the performance altering skills they are taught.

You can get an idea of the depth and range of skills that will be learned by signing up for our FREE leadership hacks. It’s a year of weekly management and leadership skills boiled down to provide the how to’s of the knowledge in as little time as possible.  Just enter your name and email in the spaces provided in the sidebar and enjoy the instant results the knowledge brings you. Receiving our tips will provide you:

  • Influence with subordinates, peers, and superiors
  • Enhanced relationship building abilities
  • Elevated team performance
  • Better relationship with team members
  • The ability to get more done in much less time
  • And much more…

In addition to the extremely valuable leadership hacks, we will provide you with an ultra-accurate tool, so you can analyze your organization’s operation with our performance analysis tool and see the potential for improvement and its path to peak performance.

The leadership hacks and analysis tool will show you the skills you can learn, perfect and use to enhance your work results. The analysis tool will so you in specific relief where your organization can adjust to greatly enhance the work culture and operational results.

What are the required skills of a mid-level manager?

Mid-level managers are in a unique position. The fact is, they have requirements to be a success in their position that other levels of mangers and supervisors do not face. Mid-level managers must communicate continuously upward to management, as well as, to their front line supervisors in the other direction. They must plan and organize employee efforts, allocate resources and effect interdepartmental coordination. The skills necessary to engage their management, front line reports and peers is invaluable and not optional to their success. At the same time, the skills to delegate, plan, organize and follow-up are vital to their consistent and continuous success! The marketplace is full of research outlining the horrors and disappointment that ensues when mid-level managers do not have these fundamental and very necessary skills.


According to Gallup:

A recent Gallup poll of more than 1 million employed U.S. workers confirmed the No. 1 reason people quit their jobs is a bad boss or immediate supervisor. “People leave managers, not companies … . In the end, turnover is mostly a manager issue,” Gallup reported. Gallup also reported that poorly managed work groups are on average 50% less productive and 44% less profitable than well-managed groups.
Turn-over cost an organization up to 2x the position’s annual salary per individual replaced research shows.
By Gallup’s estimates, the “not engaged” group costs the U.S. $77 billion to $96 billion annually through their impact on those they manage. And when we factor in the impact of the “actively disengaged” group, those figures jump to $319 billion to $398 billion annually.

Having confidence in their abilities, receiving recognition for achievement, creating opportunities for advancement through performance and of course, having a good supervisor themselves, are the things that engage mid-level managers and pay huge dividends for the organizations they work with!

Your Mid-level Managers’ Leadership Skills Training Solution

Our “Mid-Level Managers Specialized Skills System” WILL create ENGAGEMENT, PERFORMANCE, and RESULTS for your managers and your company! It’s an all-inclusive leading, communicating, task and project performance system.  Mid-level managers and leaders are the hub of a company’s operations!  Training for middle level managers includes 3 key skills and TLI gives it to your company in a convenient, easy to use online immersion training system!


  1. Goals, Structure, Culture (GSC) Leadership Development Training (leadership A to Z)
  2. Communication Success Program (CSP) (Advanced interpersonal skills and techniques)
  3. Workplace Efficiency – High Performance Project Management (HPPM) (The full gambit of workplace performance skills: planning, organizing, risk management, resource management, etc.)

Get your Managers the training that will guarantee their success and that of the organization!

Mid-level Managers Specialized Skills System

Mid-Level managers face a specific set of challenges that C-Suite and front line leaders rarely experience. Mid-level managers must be able to understand, support, motivate and build a positive relationship with their front line charges. At the same time, they must have the skills to foresee challenges, effectively allocate people and resources to keep operations and all projects moving forward. They must do this by expending the least amount of resources and tasking the least amount of personnel to most rapidly produce the results needed.  TLI’s Compass package programs effectively and easily provide this training for middle level managers!

Proficiency GainedPerfect for:Program Scope:

To master these challenging feats and consistently produce the desired results, mid-level managers must be proficient in:

  • Creating and getting commitment on a “Code of Participation” (COP)
  • Goal focus, clarifying actual needs and pursuing truly required outcomes
  • Project, task and operational Planning, implementation, execution, management
  • Short and long-term organization operational sustainability
  • Supporting all levels and roles for goal achievement
  • Building cohesion throughout the work culture
  • Creating reciprocity and relationships throughout the organization
  • Personnel motivation and inspiration
  • Creating stable, cooperative and supportive work environments
  • Accurately reporting and providing information when and where it is needed
  • Providing pertinent information to C-Suite leaders to ensure planning accuracy and effectiveness

Mid-Level Managers Specialized Skills System includes the critical core skill sets to train all types of middle level managers –

  • Department Managers
  • Regional Executives and Managers
  • Program Directors
  • Project Managers
  • General Managers
  • Plant Managers
  • Divisional Managers

Program Scope: This advanced coaching and accelerated skills immersion program is training for middle level managers and executives ready to take the next step in their careers.

You’ll learn the secrets in strategically creating organized and highly productive collaborative team environments for any organization.

Our proprietary influencing leadership training and development system enables motivated future leaders to acquire the skills to become powerhouse networking, planning, and team-building professionals! 

Upon completion of this program, you’ll be able to quickly advance and positively impact any organization, while you achieve your potential as an Elite performer!

These skills give them mastery with people (influence and relationship building); it also provides the full complement of performance, efficiency and organization techniques, skills and activities. Mid-level managers face specific challenges and have particular knowledge requirements. We provide the full complement of leadership and interpersonal skills so they are guaranteed to be successful for themselves and the organization. Like the human body, we are most effective when our core is strong. Our organizations are the same. Mid-level managers are our core. When we provide them with the skills and training they need we are all stronger and more successful!


Training for middle level managers

Certificate of Completion with Course Hours

Your TLI Accreditation Advantage

1.  GSC: Leadership and Management Training Program = 60 Course Hours

2.  Communication Success Program = 12 Course Hours

3.  High Performance Project Management = 20 Course Hours

How Your Mid-level Managers will Improve Immediately!

Powerful Training for Middle Level Managers:  Designing solutions for the toughest management challenges

Training for Middle Level Managers - Immediate Improvements!
Your Immediate Areas of Performance Improvement & Work Place Environment Changes

  1. Group dynamics and communications; email, verbal, non-verbal, reporting
  2. Collaborating types of communication and information sharing
  3. Creating and setting goals and providing tools, support and motivation with feedback to ensure goal achievement
  4. Designing a work environment to eliminate inefficiency and potential problems
  5. Designing and implementing reward systems to promote emulation, recognize achievement and motivates the workforce
  6. Critical-thinking skills & problem-solving skills. The ability to communicate and present their findings persuasively
  7. Influence upward and downward to convey their group’s input to senior leaders
  8. Stronger ability to focus on the critical steps to achieving the big-picture view;  eliminates excessive attention to detail & spending too much time on one task before moving on
  9. Improved thought control (which influences emotions) to avoid creating more problems and conflict
  10. Efficient delegation skills to prevent poor subordinate training and micromanagement

Our Training for Middle Level Managers—Key Benefits to Elevate Your Career & Life!

Our GSC Leadership training and development system training provides the skills to meet every challenge.  Rising middle managers begin to master day-to-day essentials such as creating team focus, commitment to excellence and team goals are easily met without conflict! As a result time is easily spent to do the things needed to do to move your division and team forward with less people problems. Middle managers are role models as top performers and create a culture of success with their teams and recognized as extremely valuable by their superiors!


training for middle level managers

Training for Middle Level Managers

What this means to YOU and your company’s Culture: 

  • Your company leaders acknowledge and reward your team engagement, leadership and performance.
  • Your new confidence and knowledge opens opportunities for significant advancement and reward. 
  • As you continue to master and improve your organizations performance, the recognition for your efforts and individual team performance results is powerful progress and profit.

Why wait, get the results you’ve always wanted!

Mid-level Managers Specialized Skills System

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