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The Team-builder Leadership Institute’s Training

What is does and how and why it does it



Our Training Is Designed To:


Online professional skills and leadership trainingInspire – Our training is focused and shows the participant how to achieve their personal and professional goals

through positive outlook, actions, and focus. It provides a focus on, and path to, self-improvement, empowerment and becoming the master of your actions, outlook and success.



Online professional skills and leadership trainingEducate – Our training provides the skills, techniques and behaviors that generate positive reciprocal actions from others. We provide skill inter-dependencies and connections others are seem to be unaware of. Our training provides the steps and layers that take the learner from no knowledge on the topic to full knowledge of the topic. Assimilation is facilitated with specifically designed immersion activities focused on skill understanding and mastery. Our training utilizes adult learning principles and is designed to resonate with the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learner.



Online professional skills and leadership trainingIlluminate – We understand that clinically employing techniques, actions and activities does not make a well rounded person or leader with the ability to inspire positive actions and high performance from others. Regardless of skills, being a highly effective and successful influence leader and team member, is still all about relationships. We provide our learners the understanding and techniques to facilitate the emotional connections that create trust, loyalty and commitment with others. Through this knowledge and understanding, they learn to inspire themselves and others.



The Personal Power Success Focus


The Four Workplace Core Competencies For Success

  1. Personal Leadership and relationship building
  2. Emotional Intelligence and interpersonal communication effectiveness
  3. Understanding peoples’ beliefs, behaviors and diversity
  4. Workplace efficiency and task, process and system management


When it comes down to it. It’s not just about the individual being able to produce in the workplace. It’s also them having the skills and abilities to not distract or prevent others from being productive in the workplace. A team is a group of people and team members and managers must have group dynamic abilities to positively contribute to the group’s production.

Regardless of whether you make cups or airplanes these are the four core competency areas that will inhibit productivity, if not up to standard. Or will facilitate great performance if each team member has and uses them consistently. We’ve all experienced that someone with great technical skills but limited or missing these core competencies is more of a liability than an asset.

Research has shown and we know, that if a leader / manager or employee is provided these core competency skills and uses them, they WILL be a tremendous asset to themselves and the organization! Our focus at TLI is not to make your employee the best technician, designer, etc., they can be, that’s your area of expertise. Our focus is to provide them the knowledge, skills and abilities so they can be the best leader / team member / employee / personal success they can be, and an asset for your team and organization!


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