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High Performance Sales Certification

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Cost: $89.95



Course features:
This course is an interactive immersion course. It consists of video and or audio lessons with accompanying workbook. Throughout the course, are immersion activities that facilitate using the skills and techniques being learned and insure assimilation and mastery of the information.  Course Hours 12 CE



Who will benefit:

  • Any Company who has a product or service to provide to others: with or without a current training program
  • Companies who have a sales program that focuses on technical sales process but NOT interpersonal skills that actually generate relationships to increase sales consistently
  • Seasoned or new sales persons desiring to increase their sales percentages and exceed sales goals for success
  • Everyone desiring to acquire effective and easy, smooth and comfortable communication and influencing skills 
  • New sales or customer service individuals desiring a FAST start on success

Features of our Course:

  • Seven Video Training Sessions
  • Comprehensive Immersion Sales Program Guide
  • Communication Style Assessment
  • Hands-on activities
  • Self-paced, private access, online 24/7
  • Comprehensive Workplace Communication Training Program (CSP)
  • Certificate of Completion


Program Scope:  Best Sales Program | Selling for Success

Our High Performance Sales program is developed to give sales professionals whether new and seasoned, the unique perspective and abilities to maximize the technical aspects of sales and embrace the powerful communication techniques and skills that quickly and easily turn prospects into customers!  You learn how to recognize the preferred style of communication of each prospect and quickly adjust your communication style to provide ease and comfort in the communication and interaction. In addition, participants learn how to sell to the communication styles; how they like to be approached, spoken to, needs assessed, benefits described and offer extended.


Certificate of Completion TEMPLATE | Improve Communication at Work       Accreditation:  6 Course Hours


 Skills to make you the most successful sales person!

There are lots of sales courses available and most are pretty good. However, other sales courses focus on the technical skills of being a sales person. Skills like prospecting, organization your efforts, overcoming objective, etc. Our High performance sales course provides reinforcement of the technical skills but it is supplement for the other sales courses, in that, it focuses on the main challenge a sales person faces: the ability to quickly build rapport, relationship, and trust with gate keepers and prospects to transform them into devoted customers.

This course adds the interpersonal dynamic that most sales people and people in general are lacking. It teaches the sales person how to recognize and adjust to the prospects communication comfort zone. This allows for a harmonious and positive conversation about the benefits and opportunities created for the prospect by the product or service with no attempts to convince them they want it required!


You learn the characteristics of the highly successful salesperson:They are fully committed to personal and professional excellence.



  1. They know their product and are familiar with the full assortment of varieties and services.
  2. They know their competition and understand how they measure up in comparison.
  3. They do what they say they will and are always available to act on these commitments.
  4. They track and evaluate their performance and work on selling, not only successfully, but also consistently.
  5. They stay excited about their product and their company, and this excitement translates into militant optimism.
  6. They manage their time well and wage their campaigns across all three primary fronts.
  7. They have a solid tracking and follow-up system, understanding the sales cycle and remaining patient.
  8. They stay positive and remain confident.
  9. They constantly strive to get better, and they invest in themselves and their company                    



They have a solid tracking and follow-up system, understanding the sales cycle and remaining patient.

They stay positive and remain confident.

They constantly strive to get better, and they invest in themselves and their company.


Your ability to recognize how you communicate and adjust to their communication style puts you in a whole other class of sales success and effectiveness.


Selling for Sucess


Sales in its early stages was centered around talking people into buying products not around the customer’s needs.


The results of those activities by companies and sales people is that they created a society of consumers who are mistrusting and suspicious of all sales people and activities (rightfully so). Realizing this, most companies have come to the conclusion that to build long term relationships with customers today requires an entirely different approach–treating people with honestly. For this reason, sales people are facing an uphill battle so to speak. For a sales person it is they are view as guilty until they are proven innocent not innocent until proven guilty.


Fortunately, sales tactics and behaviors have evolved in America as has the education and understanding of the average consumer. Today to be really successful in sales, it takes a commitment to long term relationship building, honesty, and providing a valuable service to the customer. It’s not about what you can SELL the customer as in days gone by. It’s about how you can SERVE the customer and add quality to their lives.


This “Selling for Success” Certification is all about relating with the customer today, not just the goals or desire of the company or its sales team. There is so much competition in virtually every industry that no company can afford to just manipulate people into buying their products and stay in business in the long run. Customers today have demonstrated they will leave and go to the competition very quickly. Here are some interesting sales statistics to consider:


  • The average company has about 30% in customers annually The average sale is made between the 8th and 12th contact with the customer A customer will share with they consider to be a bad customer experience with up to on average fifteen people. Those people will then relay that experience and story with the same negative focus on the company with up to 3 others a piece. That is a total of 49 people who believe your company is the Pitts and go out of the way to tell anyone interested. Word of mouth is still the most powerful and least expensive form of advertising.



Selling for success is about building successful relationships and providing valuable goods and services that build trust and appreciation in customers. To sell for success takes the right:


  • Focus
  • Skills
  • Approach
  • Commitment


It requires that a salesperson understand why today’s consumers are suspicious of them to begin with and will stay that way if the salesperson doesn’t take the right steps to prove they are trustworthy and should be given an opportunity to show their value. The customer today wants to know what will you do for them and know you are not trying to do it to them! Today’s customers care about their needs not yours.  As the sales person and to sell for success you must have that same focus!



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