Managing multiple locations

Jack asked 2 years ago

I manage multiple locations…how can I best make sure my employees feel connected and that I am certain they are doing what they need to be doing?


1 Answers
Tony Roberts Staff answered 2 years ago

Contact and speak to every offsite leader you supervise every day. At minimum, call them at a time each day you know they are usually not under the gun or extremely busy. Ask them a version of these questions: Do you need anything? Anything I can do for you? Do you have everything you need? If they say no (which is the usual for season leaders) they appreciated that you asked. At times however the repeated question will trigger their memory and they will remember a request for support they have. Either way it builds a closeness’ like you are always there for them even though maybe very seldom physically. Also make a point to talk to and visit the team members periodically. Doing these steps will create a close and committed team and keep all work and efforts coordinated. It will also ensure quality and virtually eliminate leader meetings, unless they are for team building.