Difficult employee

Keith asked 2 years ago

We are rolling out a new system of tracking our projects and one of my colleagues is resistant to this. She tries to make like she wants it, but now that we are starting it, its clear on the phone with her that each step is like climbing mount Everest with her. I keep refocusing her on the goals of how it will make her life easier and better for her team to update project records and while she agrees, I still feel like she is negative. Should I keep focusing on the goals or try something else?


1 Answers
Tony Roberts Staff answered 2 years ago

Great question. Yes, you should continue to focus on the goals and especially how it will make her life at work easier. The next step is to help her see that by not using the new system, she will get out of sync with coworkers and her supervisors and at some point it will begin to be a productivity and performance problem for her. By showing her the available benefits versus the potential self-created challenges, it will start to help her accept the change.