Complaints about other managers from employees

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Anonymous asked 3 years ago

I am one of 20 managers in our company. I often get complaints from other employees about their managers….it ranges from personality conflicts, to personal problems to serious complaints about how they are being managed and while i don’t say it out loud, i agree with them. What do you suggest.

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1 Answers
Anthony Roberts Staff answered 3 years ago

From your description, it sounds as though the reason for these issues is that your organization has no leadership standard. Most don’t and that’s where the majority of workplace behavior and production challenges come from. The solution would be for your organization to adopt a proven leadership standard like TLI’s GSC leadership. It’s a new leadership model that provides the guidelines for all operational performance and the three core competencies that develop highly effective leaders. Leaders always know what’s the right action and what’s the wrong action and when management enforces those standards it totally removes the issues you inquire about.
With that said, your best bet is to counsel the employees who share these issues with you to go to their leader’s supervisor with their concerns. Advise them not to blame or accuse but to address the actual behavior and inquire to its validity. In other words, “is yelling at me, rolling her eyes and slamming her office door really appropriate? Personally it distracts me from my work and at times angers me. I only asked to be treated with dignity, respect and honesty.”
If the employees professionally take their concern up the chain of command and still get no relief, their only option is to make a decision as to whether they want to work there in those conditions and act accordingly. If at their place of work they are treated badly, they do not have to accept it. As a matter of fact, that is how organizations lose some of their most valuable employees, due to toxic leadership.

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