Communication with EMAIL

Alicia asked 2 years ago

I have taken the CSP program which has helped me tremendously.  I am a ‘computer-relator’ mostly and have a harder time with directors.  Do you have any advice for me when writing emails?  thanks


1 Answers
Tony Roberts Staff answered 2 years ago

I will infer from your stated communication style, that you’re asking this question because the people you are sending your emails to, tell you that you give too much detail (and information they find useless) and that you are too emotional. You probably take offense to the abruptness and judgement in some of the responses. To be effective with an arrow personality, think action and bottom line. They want to know who is doing what, when to solve the problem…period. They do not want details, that take your word that you can and will do what you stated or the will lose trust and respect with and for you. Keep your message short, on point (results) and talk in results not detail and technical requirements. With practice it gets easy to the point they will comment on how much they like and appreciate the way you communicate to them. Enjoy!