Communicate with Boss

Sharon asked 2 years ago

I like my boss, but often he is distracted and overtalks me when we are having supervision. I walk away with different instructions and then when I present the information on a project for example, he tells me something else and it looks like I am not listening or am confused. How can I prevent this?


1 Answers
Tony Roberts Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello Sharon, this is a great question and it happens all the time. The key here is to get behavior change without offending. The way to do it is to take a note pad with you to your supervision meetings. Before the meeting gets started, ask your boss for his help. Tell him that you have noticed that you do not get the information he would like you to have as evidenced by past follow-up meetings where you two were taking about to different sets of information. Ask him if he would mind if you record the salient points of the meeting and then verify that you have the right information at the end of the meeting with a few verification questions. If he minds, then the problem is not yours (that’s a different question and answer). Most likely he will not. He will also know in the follow-up meetings that you did verify the information with him and if he’s on a different set of facts again, it’s him not you. If it happens, offer to share your notes with him. This should start a cooperative effort for both of you to stay on the same page. It will help him more than you probably.