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Lisa asked 3 years ago

We have purchased the compass 1 package for 5 of us.  We are all taking it and really like the content. Do you recommend that we go over it together weekly so that we are on the same page and can discuss any questions?    By the way, we LOVE this information-best out there!

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1 Answers
Tony Roberts Staff answered 3 years ago

Thank you for your kind works! The team here at TLI really love to hear feedback on our programs and are truly excited when we receive comments like yours, again thank you! The Compass System is designed to immerse participants in the materials and techniques so that they get the practical experience, not just hear it and see it. By doing it together as a group, and sharing lessons learned and local application potential and results (how it can be used there and now to the benefit of all), the group helps one another remember the content and attach it to needed results. This makes it more memorable, easier to practice and provides the opportunity for immediate rewards by using the information and techniques. Just as important, it builds an operational standard for the entire leadership team and organization, the boundaries, dos and don’ts and norms. Once completed together everyone feels equally prepared, informed, and confident in what needs to be done, how and when to get the desired results as a committed team! If you would like further information, please feel free to call our toll free number and one of us will walk you through in detail how to really make it payoff for your organization. Again thank you for your kind words. They are greatly appreciated.

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