Programs to Fix Work Culture

Programs to Fix Work Culture


The Powerful and Positive Benefits of Workplace Communities



Programs to Fix Work CultureMost employees spend half of their lives at work or on work related tasks. In so doing, their co-worker community becomes an important part of their lives and often is the foundation of their social interaction, the workplace community that many workers take pride in and want to know they are a part of.  TLI has excellent programs to fix work culture to create this type of community and productivity at work.

9 Quick Fix Tips to Improve Work Culture
9 Quick Fix Tips to Improve Work Culture

Here are 9 tips your company can use to build their community within the organization:

• Ensure that managers know every employee who reports to them by name.

• Encourage everyone to informally “friend” their co-workers. Make sure everyone in the group knows each other.

• Require that managers know something about each employee that is important to them personally.

• Require managers to greet every employee, by name, every day.

• Teach managers to ask questions and then use active listening techniques.

• Create common goals throughout teams and the entire organisation.

• Share what you know. Don’t breach confidentiality, but be open and honest with employees so they feel that are a member of the larger community.

• Encourage everyone to acknowledge good work. Go out of your way to find things to compliment and comment upon both publicly and privately.

• Ask employees to recognize each other. Encourage employees to compliment each other on their work


**Note: People give you what you expect! If you expect them to be difficult, they will be and vice a versa!

Programs to Fix Work Culture

TLI gives you programs that fix culture at work…from the inside out!

Why is being happy at work important?
Why is being happy at work important? Our community focused programs are unique in our industry, they’re one of its kind. Where consulting and training companies use personality type programs like Myers Briggs, D.I.S.C. or COLORS to identify who should be where with whom and doing what, our proprietary program goes much deeper to ensure that everyone within every community organization is in the ideal situation to create the optimal environment for everyone. This single change within every community organization will ensure a collaborative culture while maximizing productivity.

At The Team-builder Leadership Institute we use our proprietary tools to identify the individual’s beliefs system, their likes, dislikes, values and ethics. Often companies hire employees for a specific job only to find out later the employee doesn’t like the job activities. That’s the power of aligned or misaligned beliefs. Certain individual’s belief systems dislike selling, do not like confrontation, and do not consider politeness and kindness necessary for best-in-class customer service. They’re also prone to self-centeredness and prefer emotions over fact, etc. By aligning individuals to become communities rather than acting as individuals and putting them in the right place while instilling the community foundational pieces, every organization becomes an accelerated and dynamic community of high performance teams. That’s how the Googles and Zappos of the world are created. You have to get deeper than the topical personality and communication style to understand individuals and their dynamics as it relates to fitting into the organizational community.

A person’s personality, how they speak, their emotions, their thoughts, and their actions are all based on their belief system. To be thorough and accurate you have to go to the source to see how each individual affects the dynamics of the community. Like the personality type users, The Team-builder Leadership Institute’s programs provides insight and the essential details of each individual’s strengths and challenges. In addition, our “Communication Success Program” program provides the knowledge of the individual’s belief system and the ability to tailor their work environment and interactions to create harmony, cohesion, understanding and happiness which results in dramatically increased productivity and profitability, while decreasing overhead like healthcare, turnover, apathy, time and material waste, litigation, etc. Imagine your organizational work environment as one of a group of close friends working together for a common purpose and in support of one another. Imagine a work environment free of conflict, negativity, unhealthy competition. Imagine an environment where everyone is engaged, productive and positive.


What would it do to the bottom line and to the employee’s experience, dedication, and cohesion to have that organization? Would happy, well trained and positively focused people be more productive? Would the company make more money? Get more done? Provide better customer service? Would departments work better together? How would it feel to work in a community of happy and productive people? Research proves that accomplishing all of the above through our proprietary methods results in a resounding YES!

TLI’s programs are the cutting edge of organizational dynamics technology! Finally any group of people can be brought together and taught the techniques, skills, and behaviors regardless of their background that will make them seamlessly integrate into the organization as happy and productive members of their community.

Programs to Fix Work Culture Here!


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