Mid-Level Managers Specialized Skills System

Mid-Level Managers Training

Mid-Lever Managers Specialized Skills System

Specific skills developed into a specialized training system for Mid-Level Managers. Mid-Level managers have a different mission than front line and C-Suite managers. We assembled this system specifically to meet the needs of the middle manager.

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Product Description

Who Benefits

This mid-level managers training system was designed and developed specifically with middle managers in mind. Any mid-Level manager in any industry will greatly benefit.

Training System Provides

As a mid-level manager there are unique challenges inherent to that position. A mid-level manager must be able to build relationships with upper management as well as front line personnel. Key to this is understanding people and having excellent communication skills. In addition, mid-level managers must also be able to efficiently plan, organize, control and support the mission. Knowing what resources and individuals to allot to what priorities is a component of the mid-level management position. This mid-Level management training system provides the knowledge and skills in these core areas to ensure the mid-level manager is ready, willing, and able to do the job successfully. The system provides knowledge and skills in the areas:

Ability to communicate so the message is always received positively no matter who the audience
Key skills to build and maintain positive relationships
Core and advanced leadership skills to become an elite influencing leader
Team building skills to bring together and develop the high performing team
Workplace efficiency skills enabling the ability to plan, organize, control, support effectively

System Components:

GSC Leadership Course 60 hours
CSP Interpersonal Communication Course 12 hours
HPPM Workplace Efficiency/PM Course 20 hours

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