Law Enforcement and Public Service Management Training Course

This course was designed and developed to meet Oregon State Law Enforcement Middle Management annual training and continuing education requirements. It is designed as a sub-course of the GSC Leadership training course. The content includes law enforcement and public service management specifics:

  • Team building
  • Performing a cost benefit analysis
  • Ethical management
  • Managing legally
  • Earning and retaining the public trust
  • Critical thinking
  • Effective decision making
  • Risk analysis to effective policy development
  • Managing multiple projects
  • Managing younger employees efficiently
  • Building loyalty, trust and a positive work culture

Just to name a few

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Product Description

This training course is designed to meet the advancement continuing education official requirements of middle management Oregon State law enforcement. It covers a wide range of topics (as shown in the short description). The information takes the new manager from being promoted to building their team and deep into both the people and operations management of the position. It is a sub-course of the GSC Leadership course and along with the CSP course,  it provides 120 credit hours.


Product Features

Credit hours 120 1

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