Goals, Structure, Culture Leadership Training Course

This course will provide the participant with the proven skills, abilities and behaviors that enable a leader to succeed in any workplace environment and with the personnel they have.  It is uniquely focused on relationship creating and eliciting performance through skills and common interests rather than authority and discipline. Consequently GSC leadership provides excellent results to men and women, new leader or seasoned manager alike. More about this course

After this training you will be able to:

  • Successfully and easily lead former friends
  • Balance your time between employees and new responsibilities
  • Provide accurate direction and delegation
  • Create inspiration and goal focus
  • Plan and organize task and project achievement
  • Communicate to inform, educate and inspire not offend
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Product Description

This Course contains:




  • Powerful penetrating self-analysis activities to identify & improve your level of performance
  • Identify and discover employee goals and motivations (techniques to attach their goals to company goals to enhance performance; ‘buy in’)
  • Mapping employee development path and activities (individual performance improvements, skills, outlook/attitude)
  • Coach and mentor employees through dynamic development (Discipline is ineffective. GSC develops strengths, turns weaknesses into strengths AND keeps employees accountable for THEIR actions
  • Self-mastery of emotions and behaviors- direct your emotions control negative reactions to generate the results you want
  • Self-discipline: ability to inspire and sustain your own energy to achieve your goals (even when you don’t want to! #1 killer for performance)
  • Communication Style Identification: recognize and adjust to each individual’s needs and belief systems
  • Do’s and Don’ts wordsmithing for effective results
  • 7 Steps to positive coaching process
  • 9 Fundamental master leader skills
  • Holistic decision and problem solving success formulas
  • Create a powerful work environment and culture (atmosphere of confidence, comfort, success, and flexibility)
  • On-boarding for assimilation and success (expertly hiring, training, the right people for the right job)
  • Delegation Skills: 4 step process to streamline performance, motivation and results
  • Recognition Process: motivates individuals, desires and teamwork that generates behaviors and self-inspired performance in others
  • Leadership and communication techniques that prevent the generation of conflict



Course outline



  • Fundamentals of harmonious leadership
  • Techniques of effective leaders
  • How to easily and effectively embrace and prosper through change
  • Do’s and Don’ts of leadership
  • Mastering individual development and coaching
  • Choosing the right people and supporting their needs
  • The Nine absolute fundamental skills of the effective leader
  • Decision making for positive outcomes
  • Choosing your path to leadership success
  • Designing and implementing individual development plans
  • Delegation as a development tool
  • Building team trust, loyalty and committment
  • Handling the “difficult person” with ease and positive results


Product Features

Credit hours 120

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