Diversity Training

TLI’s Diversity Training is an in-depth immersion course, designed to provide the path for individuals so they will change their limiting beliefs regarding the differences in people through their own conclusions and desire. The course shares with participants evidence that the true differences in people is cultural, not national, regional or racial. What makes us each different is our individual belief system: How we see the world. By providing an understanding of beliefs and how they are formed and how to change limiting beliefs, participants realize that beliefs are just something you tell yourself over and over. They are all not based in fact and can be changed as desired by each of us.

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Online video training. The course is broken down into multiple videos in 30 minute or less segments. This course is design for participants to view the materials, interact with the activities and review the materials in multiple exposures. It is a very informative entertaining yet science and data based body of knowledge. IT teaches the why and how to change your beliefs. It doesn’t tell you you should or have to like other diversity programs.


Team-builder Leadership Institute’s Diversity Training


Why is it different?

At the Team-builder Leadership Institute, we understand that diversity as it applies to people working together in a group is about more than fairness, people getting along or people liking one another. Diversity is not as much about actual differences in people as much as it is perceived differences. like attracts, and people usually gravitate toward their own kind. However, while most people think “their own kind” means the same color or gender or sexual orientation, what it really means is people that think alike. It’s not the aesthetic differences that make people feel different to one another. It’s their differences in belief, their cultural differences.

We are all a product of where we are born, when we are born and the culture we grow up in. That said, it’s our life experiences that lead us to believe the things we do. Since everyone has different life experiences, we all see the world differently. Some see the world and believe a little differently than you do, and some believe they live in an entirely different world than you experience and believe in.

To really help people accept diversity, we must first help them understand what it really is and why the differences we perceive in people make us uncomfortable. Until we get that understanding, telling people, they are supposed to like the differences in others or telling them it’s the right way to believe and see the world doesn’t work for most people. Helping them understand their own beliefs, as well as, those of others and why we believe what we do, provides the leverage for them to begin to see that some of their beliefs about others were given to them and those beliefs do not serve them well. The key is helping others discover that differences in people are not scary or offensive, aside from their beliefs,  they are just people.


Our Diversity Training

Team-builder Leadership Institute’s Diversity Training is a very in-depth body of knowledge. It provides in-depth understanding of how our brain works, the societal norms we are programmed with as we grow up, how our belief systems are formed and an understanding of the framework of everyone’s’ belief system. It teaches recognition and familiarity with these frameworks removing the unknown and misunderstanding. People do not like what they do not understand as a rule. But once they do understand it, also as a rule it looses the discomfort it once did.



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