High Performance Project Management (individual)


High Performance Project Management is the cutting edge project management training providing the technical methodology and unlike any other courses it provides the exact communication and leadership skills that guarantee project success! Whether you are seeking to master project management or just get an assigned project done on-time, on-budget and with the quality required, this is the training course you need. This course teaches the techniques, tools, including the leadership and communication focus required to bring any project in on-time, on-budget and with the quality required. It also provides the core planning, organizing, managing, and executing skills every employee benefits from knowing and understanding.  Quickly learn the required workflow to accomplish tasks and projects to achieve the desired results every time. Anyone who would benefit from understanding the core skills of individual and group achievement, this course is a guaranteed must!


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Training Program to Help Leaders Meet Deadlines and Projects

(HPPM) High Performance Project Management

Best Organization & Planning Skills

For Everyone Including Project Managers




Training Program to Help Leaders Meet Deadlines and Projects


Who will benefit

Project managers and those performing the job. Organizations! Any and all individuals currently performing in a work environment that is dynamic and challenging, especially those employees and leaders charge to produce a specific result with limited resources, time and personnel.


What’s included in the program

This system provides the full project management methodology in a user friendly manner to develop anyone needing efficiency and work performance skills as well as the actual project manager. The program also shares the required skills in the areas of leadership, advanced interpersonal communication, that are absolutes to become a successful project manager or highly efficient, able and skilled employee. This is an online immersion courses including video (coaching), audio, and written immersion materials.


Suggested and most effective use of the “High Performance Project Management” Program

The individual project manager will get the project management core concepts, steps and activities, as well as required leadership and communication methods.

For the organization, this program will give your workforce critical workperformaccne skills that increasse workplace safety, performance, and cohesion. It provides participants with the understanding of process and activity flow and structure. It creates an operations structure where the employees all understand the processes and priorities. Each successful participant becomes fluid and effective in the planning, execution, tracking, management and closing out all tasks and projects. Their focus is centered on the organization’s goals and the required actions and sequence to achieve those goals.


Course outcomes

This High Performance Project Management Program doubles as an employee workplace performance skills development system.  It provides the participant a unique and complete set of skills that are the foundation of planning, organizing, influencing and communicating with people to produce specific results within specified timeframes and on a sustainable basis. The organization gets a systematic operations system that consistently produces the sought after goals, workplace harmony and high productivity. These skills include fundamental and advanced performance techniques, complete communication techniques, as well as project and team leadership. Employees are able to control and produce results in small local teams or in large groups spread across the map equally effectively.

After this training the organization will experience:

  • Increased employee efficiency throughout the operation
  • Reduced waste of resources, time and effort
  • A unified set of positive operational expectations for everyone
  • A unified approach to operational tasks and projects
  • A global group dynamic of goal focus and unified support
  • A systematic understanding of needed operations from all employee activites
  • Group commitment to the organization’s goals and the required efforts to achieve them

After this training you, the participant, will be able to:

  • Understand the production and workflow process and every individual’s significance in it
  • Balance and prioritize your time and activities to accomplish your priorities and achieve necessary results
  • Provide accurate information to benefit operations to all levels and delegation
  • Confidently undertake any task or project
  • Recognize potential efficiency adjustments
  • Plan and organize task and project achievement
  • Communicate to inform, educate and inspire not offend
  • Manage your time and resources for maximum effectiveness
Objectives – key skills I will learn



  • Key task planning, prioritizing, and execution skills and techniques
  • Workgroup communication dynamics and effectiveness techniques
  • How to identify all required tasks, materials and labor to produce any result
  • How to get buy-in and commitment from teammates and coworkers
  • How to identify productive versus nonproductive activities based on desired outcomes
  • Critical conversations and the information they share
  • Using process groups to guarantee efficiency, build credibility, and energize project momentum
  • Self-mastery of emotions and behaviors- direct your emotions control negative reactions to generate the results you want
  • Self-discipline: ability to inspire and sustain your own energy to achieve your goals (even when you don’t want to! #1 killer for performance)
  • Communication Style Identification: recognize and adjust to each individual’s needs and belief systems
  • Do’s and Don’ts wordsmithing for effective results
  • Holistic decision and problem solving success formulas
  • Create a powerful work environment and culture (atmosphere of confidence, comfort, success, and flexibility)
Course outline



  • The Methodology & Professional standards
  • Preparing for The Project by Getting The Support You Need
  • Getting The Project Started
  • Tracking & Identifying Your Project
  • Identify Your Project’s Key Players
  • Defining The SCOPE of Your Project
  • Fundamentals of Influencing Leadership
  • The Project Notebook
  • Determine the Projects Players Definition of Success
  • The Lifecycle of the Project
  • Process Groups
  • The Lifecycles & Recap of Process Groups
  • The Scope of the Project
  • Scoping your Sponsor’s Project
  • Get Sponsors’ Commitment to the Integrated Communication Change Process
  • Scope Recap
  • Level Balancing and Crashing the Project –Time, Cost, People, And Quality
  • The Work Breakdown Structure
  • Estimating Task Durations
  • Tracking Your Project—Gantt, PERT, & CPM
  • The Critical Path Analysis
  • The Risk Analysis
  • Level 1, 2, and 3 Tools for Project Management
  • Team accomplishment communication strategies and techniques
  • Key leadership skills of successful project accomplishment


Recommended “High Performance Project Management” development system deployment

This individual and organizational project management and work performance development system is most effectively implemented and produces the biggest returns when provided to the entire workforce. It allows the organization’s management to set the tone and standards for positive high performance operations while building a harmonious workplace culture. The training adjusts and realigns the organization’s entire operation and workforce team simultaneously ensuring all understand, embrace and teach the needed performance expectations. This Rapid Change model, facilitates greater multiple exposures to the new information and standards. In addition, it allows for support in assimilation and execution.




The project management course is thorough, clear and concise. Videos are great and Mr. Roberts helps break down the concepts so anyone can learn. Has boosted our productivity as promised and customer relationships have not only improved, but our profit gains have increased. We are very pleased and back this company, as does our associated group, the Boston IEEE.
Sal Carter, Owner, Carter Electronics
Sal Carter




Training Program to Help Leaders Meet Deadlines and Projects

High Performance Project Management



  • High Performance Project Management – Workplace performance
  • Communication Success Program – Advanced workplace communication


2 reviews for High Performance Project Management (individual)

  1. Our company purchased the Project management program system for management and employees. Our goal was to help improve the quality, timeframe and be within or under budget. HPPM provided language through the workbook and vidoes to the understand what was expected for projects and basic deadlines. The bonus and most important aspect is the CSP program that is included. Communication, we learned, is extremely important and has worked to increase project completion. Employees are now much more accountable for their work. 02-14-13

  2. This course provided a robust body of knowledge of tools and resources that will help most anyone in any kind of management role. I’m looking forward to implementing these methodologies in my work and will assist me in striving towards completing projects “on time, under budget, and with the quality required.” 6-25-16

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