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The GSC leadership certification leadership development training system includes our Communication Success Program (CSP), both online courses. This course is a whole system leadership development program designed to achieve its optimum results when provided to an organization’s entire leadership team simultaneously. When installed as an organizational training system, GSC creates a sustainable, harmonious and high performance work culture. It’s a full sequential leadership skills system that provides the foundational skills to take a leader through their entire career.


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Quick, Effective Leadership Programs for Companies

(GSC) Goals, Structure, Culture Leadership Development System and Certification






Quick, Effective Leadership Programs for Companies


Who will benefit

All individuals currently performing in a leadership role as well as aspiring managers and supervisors.


What’s included in the program

Online immersion course consisting of video, audio, and written immersion materials.


Course outcomes

This course will provide the participant with the proven skills, abilities and behaviors that enable a leader to succeed in any workplace environment and with the personnel they have.  It is uniquely focused on relationship creating and eliciting performance through skills and common interests rather than authority and discipline. Consequently GSC leadership provides excellent results to men and women, new leader or seasoned manager alike.

After this training you will be able to:

  • Successfully and easily lead former friends
  • Balance your time between employees and new responsibilities
  • Provide accurate direction and delegation
  • Create inspiration and goal focus
  • Plan and organize task and project achievement
  • Communicate to inform, educate and inspire not offend


Objectives – key skills I will learn



  • Powerful penetrating self-analysis activities to identify & improve your level of performance
  • Identify and discover employee goals and motivations (techniques to attach their goals to company goals to enhance performance; ‘buy in’)
  • Mapping employee development path and activities (individual performance improvements, skills, outlook/attitude)
  • Coach and mentor employees through dynamic development (Discipline is ineffective. GSC develops strengths, turns weaknesses into strengths AND keeps employees accountable for THEIR actions
  • Self-mastery of emotions and behaviors- direct your emotions control negative reactions to generate the results you want
  • Self-discipline: ability to inspire and sustain your own energy to achieve your goals (even when you don’t want to! #1 killer for performance)
  • Communication Style Identification: recognize and adjust to each individual’s needs and belief systems
  • Do’s and Don’ts wordsmith’ing for effective results
  • 7 Steps to positive coaching process
  • 9 Fundamental master leader skills
  • Holistic decision and problem solving success formulas
  • Create a powerful work environment and culture (atmosphere of confidence, comfort, success, and flexibility)
  • On-boarding for assimilation and success (expertly hiring, training, the right people for the right job)
  • Delegation Skills: 4 step process to streamline performance, motivation and results
  • Recognition Process: motivates individuals, desires and teamwork that generates behaviors and self-inspired performance in others
  • Leadership and communication techniques that prevent the generation of conflict


Course outline



  • Fundamentals of harmonious leadership
  • Techniques of effective leaders
  • How to easily and effectively embrace and prosper through change
  • Do’s and Don’ts of leadership
  • Mastering individual development and coaching
  • Choosing the right people and supporting their needs
  • The Nine absolute fundamental skills of the effective leader
  • Decision making for positive outcomes
  • Choosing your path to leadership success
  • Designing and implementing individual development plans
  • Delegation as a development tool
  • Building team trust, loyalty and commitment
  • Handling the “difficult person” with ease and positive results



I had sent people to outside leadership training and seminars for years. They did pick up skills but the leaders seemed to learn and focus on different issue and never come together as a management team. I found TLI’s GSC program and as suggested, had my entire leadership team learn it together. The results have been amazing! Each support the others decisions and actions. They now speak with a unified voice and focus everyone on the goals of the company. I only wish I would have found it earlier!
Ben Calhoun, CEO, First Faith Financial
Ben Calhoun




Quick, Effective Leadership Programs for Companies

Goals, Structure, Culture Leadership Certification


1 year license to both online training courses:

  • Goals, Structure, Culture leadership training system
  • Communication Success Program


5 reviews for (GSC) Leadership Program

  1. GSC leadership is the most practical, logical and effective leadership system I have used in my career. Our company purchased it for our senior leaders and now we are expanding it to our orientation. Best ROI! S. Bleichner – 5/7/2014

  2. This new leadership style of GSC makes perfect sense. We had to make significant changes to our company to boost not only morale, but teach our leaders who have little experience, how to lead others. Great workers, but were poor at leading. This is the best system to get everyone on the same page and working toward the company goals. Thank you TLI, Mr. Roberts! K. Blohm – 3/13/2014

  3. The initial expense is worth it’s weight in Gold. Every company should instill this leadership style today! Where has TLI been!! N. Dowling – 6/2/2013

  4. Awesome system! Fresh, realistic and easy to incorporate. My teams love GSC- other leadership programs you have to buy the specific topic you want, but this has it all and it makes sense. Worth the investment in time and very affordable. R. Evans 4/12/2013

  5. Some training is worth the effort–The Goal, Structure, Culture Leadership program is DEFINITELY worth the learning on the online system. The activities book is very helpful to practice the skills and the assessment correlates to the material so you can focus on the key points. The feedback in unanimous–this has made a huge difference in leadership skills and employee performance. Great job TLI! T. Heller – 2/2/2009

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