Compass 2 Program (individual)


This program provides the user cutting edge interpersonal communication techniques and skills along with an in-depth understanding of the belief systems all people function through. The user develops a steadfast emotional control and a positive understanding that allows them to be effective in any team environment, build cohesion, and elicit support from others. In addition, participants learn the core planning, organizing, managing, and executing skills required to produce desired results in the minimum time and using the minimum resources required. It provides the required workflow and techniques to accomplish tasks and projects achieving the desired results every time. When used for organizational operations, it provides a smooth foundational operational platform allowing every employee to know the required steps, times and participation needed by all to accurately produce desired results. The operations become dynamic, cohesive and team and goal focused.

Compass System 2 comes with a downloadable course workbook for each course. User logs into the training system to access the video and audio training materials. Immersion activities are located in the workbooks.


Best Programs to Purchase to Improve Employee Work Performance

Best Programs to Purchase to Improve Employee Work Performance

Compass System 2

Employee Performance & Development System

Best Programs to Purchase to Improve Employee Work Performance




Best Programs to Purchase to Improve Employee Work Performance

Who will benefit

Organizations greatly benefit from immediate and consistent employee performance enhancement! All employees taking this online employee performance development immersion system will acquire the critical foundational work performance skills in the areas of:

  • Interpersonal communication
  • Task and project planning
  • Task execution
  • Time, resource and activity management
  • Group dynamics and goal achievement support
  • Building workplace and team cohesion
  • Removing toxic behaviors and activities
  • Effectiveness in support and lead roles


What’s included in the program

This system is consists of two very specific programs that create a whole greater than the sum of their parts. These programs in the areas of advanced communication, and workplace performance strategies, techniques and activities that create a body of information unparalleled in its advancement of group dynamics, organizational operations and individual efficacy. These are online immersion courses each including video (coaching and mentoring), audio, and written immersion materials.



Suggested and most effective use of the “Compass System 2”

Much more than an individual skills development system and program, this employee performance and development system, when used effectively, creates a stable and sustainable high performance work culture throughout the organization.  To achieve this highly desirable goal, it is most successful when provided to employees throughout the organization simultaneously. When all employees are trained together on this unified and complete set of workplace performance skills, , it instills the focus and set of desired performance standards to be adopted by all. This allows the entire organization’s workforce to shift to more productive operational activities in unison. It also enables constant re-exposure to the new information because all employees are involved and have buyin as well as a feeling of choice in the direction of the company and its performance.



Course outcomes

This employee performance and development system provides the participant a unique and complete set of workplace performance skills that are the foundation of planning, organizing, influencing and communicating with people to produce specific results within specified timeframes and on a sustainable basis. The organization gets a systematic operations system that consistently produces highly skilled employees, workplace harmony and high productivity. Positive tenets of operations are shared and taught by all employees, not just listed in an untouched manual. These skills include fundamental and advanced communication techniques, complete planning, goal attainment techniques, as well as project and task efficacy work performance activities and techniques. Managers are able to control and produce results in small local teams or in large groups spread across the map equally effectively.

After this training the organization will experience:

  • Onboarding that quickly acclimates new employees to the organization’s workplace culture
  • A consistent level of high performance and sharing and training to those standards
  • A unified set of positive operational expectations and required activities for all employees in all positions
  • A conflict and apathy free work environment
  • A global group dynamic of goal focus and unified support
  • A systematic understanding of needed operations and performance behaviors and activities from all employees
  • Group commitment to the organization’s goals and the required efforts to achieve them

After this training you, the participant, will be able to:

  • Successfully interact and elicit support from coworkers
  • Balance and prioritize tasks and activities to align with the organization’s mission
  • Provide accurate and informative information to coworkers and leaders
  • Create and foster team focus and goal acquisition support
  • Plan and organize task and activity achievement
  • Communicate to inform, educate and inspire not offend
  • Understand why others believe, think and feel differently and why it’s unimportant to the goals


Objectives – key skills I will learn



  • Powerful penetrating self-analysis activities to identify & improve your level of performance
  • Individual self-assessment and career enhancing skills development
  • Four step process to ensure delegation is received and ensure it’s accomplished as desired
  • Identify and discover personal goals and motivations and learn to achieve them while helping your organization achieve its mission
  • Self-mastery of emotions and behaviors- direct your emotions and control negative reactions to generate the results you want
  • Self-discipline: ability to inspire and sustain your own energy to achieve your goals (even when you don’t want to! #1 killer for performance)
  • Communication Style Identification: recognize and adjust to each individual’s needs and belief systems creating harmony and common achievement
  • Do’s and Don’ts wordsmithing for effective results
  • Holistic decision and problem solving success formulas
  • Create a powerful work environment and culture (atmosphere of confidence, comfort, success, and flexibility)
  • Providing effective information, activities and support for new employees to strengthen group performance and goal attainment


Course outline



  • Identifying and adjusting to communication needs
  • Wordsmithing, using words that enhance and support task and goal achievement and cooperation
  • Recognizing and understanding the beliefs systems of others to avoid triggers that create conflict
  • Developing self confidence and achievement focus
  • Developing emotional control and self reliance
  • Task and project steps and processes
  • Understanding and conducting communication required to promote ease for superiors, coworkers, and stakeholders
  • Processes and techniques to plan, execute,monitor, adjust and remove risk from tasks and projects
  • Proper identification of the time, resources and personnel required to produce the desired results
  • Process and techniques to schedule, prioritize and ensure the necessary sequence for tasks and activities to ensure achievement without setbacks or waste
  • Tools to monitor and adjust individual and group activities to ensure desired task and project outcome


Recommended “Compass System 2” Employee development system deployment

This individual and organizational leadership development system is most effectively implemented and produces the biggest returns when provided to the entire work group. It allows the organization’s management to set the tone for positive and high performance operations while building a harmonious workplace culture. It provides all employees with the knowledge and understanding of planning, management and execution so they can easily follow the process, prioritize and execute tasks and activities at the optimum time. This training adjusts and realigns the entire workforce simultaneously ( when deployed as recommended) ensuring all understand, embrace, teach and support the needed performance expectations and standards. This Rapid Change model, facilitates greater multiple exposures to the new information and standards. In addition, it allows for support in assimilation and execution for each individual. To support this rapid change deployment, TLI offers significant discounts on purchases of multiple systems (see the TLI cart).




Very relatable to all our staff even those without higher education. The cost to train all of them would be at least triple what we paid for at TLI and less effective. Compass 2 is part of our orientation training now and we have had less discipline issues and terminations also. We would recommend this to all companies.
Amanda Ames, HR Manager, TBX Industries
Amanda Ames




Best Programs to Purchase to Improve Employee Work Performance

Compass 2


1 Year license to both online courses:

  • High Performance Project Management
  • Communication Success program

2 reviews for Compass 2 Program (individual)

  1. I am a regional manager and was in need of teaching my direct reports better ways to improve how they were able to get multiple projects done and the tools to do it with little supervision. When we found HPPM with TLI, Tony’s video’s made all the difference for my team to understand it. We are extremely happy with the HPPM and CSP programs. M. Beasley – 9/12/2014

  2. The project management course was thorough, has a project guide to refer back to and the videos by Mr. Roberts are great. The best part is also having CSP with it–i never realized how important the communication piece is. Great programs and extremely affordable–I was pleased! G. Bucy – 7/14/2014

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