“Compass 1” Leadership Development System


This program provides the user and the organization cutting edge leadership skills which include: interpersonal communication, time and people management techniques. Based on cutting edge ongoing research the participant learns an in-depth understanding of the belief systems all people function through.

The leader develops steadfast emotional control and a positive understanding of people and their behaviors that allows them to be effective in any team environment.  Build cohesion, and elicit support from every employee. Participants learn the core planning, organizing, managing, and executing skills required to produce desired results in the minimum time and using the minimum resources required.

This inclusive system provides the required workflow and techniques to accomplish tasks and projects achieving the desired results every time. When used for organizational operations, it provides a smooth platform allowing every leader and employee to know the required steps, times and participation needed by all to accurately produce desired results. The operations become cohesive, team and goal focused.

Compass System 1 comes with a downloadable course workbook for each course. User logs into the training system to access the video and audio training materials. Immersion activities are located in the workbooks.


Best Leadership Program to Purchase

Best Leadership Program to Purchase

Compass System 1

Leadership Performance & Development System





Best Leadership Program to Purchase

TLI has created the Best Leadership Program to Purchase. Scientifically based to improve productivity and eliminate conflict typically derived within a company from age, ethnicity, gender, values and belief systems.  Compass is the complete package to ensure company wide quality leadership standards.

Who will benefit

Organizations! Any and all individuals currently performing in a leadership role or seeking to become a highly successful leader. This performance system provides a standard of operational excellence throughout the company.  Effective for managing across silo’s within a corporation, operations across states, regions, a country, global theaters.


What’s included in the program

This system is comprised of three very specific programs that create a whole greater than the sum of their parts. These programs in the areas of leadership, advanced interpersonal communication, and workplace performance techniques create a body of information that is unparalleled in it’s advancement of group dynamics and organizational operations. These are online immersion courses each including video, audio, and written immersion materials.


Suggested and most effective use of the “Compass System”

Much more than an individual leadership program, this leadership development system when used effectively creates a stable and sustainable high performance work culture throughout an organization.  To achieve this high desired goal, it is most successful when used throughout the organization simultaneously. When all leaders are trained together a single direction, focus and set of standards are created and adopted by all. This allows the entire organization’s workforce to shift to more productive operational activities in unison. It also enables constant re-exposure to the new information because all are involved and have buy-in.


Course outcomes

This leadership performance and development system provides the participant unique and complete skills that are the foundation of planning, organizing, influencing and communicating with people to produce specific results within specified time frames and on a sustainable basis. The organization gets a systematic operations system that consistently produces new leaders, workplace harmony and high productivity. These skills include fundamental and advanced leadership techniques, complete communication techniques, as well as project and task efficacy work performance skills. Managers are able to control and produce results in small local teams or in large groups spread across the map equally effective.

After this training the organization will experience:

  • Onboarding that quickly acclimates new employees to the organization’s culture
  • A consistent and sustainable leadership succession program
  • A unified set of positive operational expectations for everyone
  • A conflict and apathy free work environment
  • A global group dynamic of goal focus and unified support
  • A systematic understanding of needed operations from all employees
  • Group commitment to the organization’s goals and the required efforts to achieve them

After this training you, the participant, will be able to:

  • Successfully and easily lead former friends
  • Balance your time between employees and new responsibilities
  • Provide accurate direction and delegation
  • Create inspiration and goal focus
  • Plan and organize task and project achievement
  • Communicate to inform, educate and inspire not offend


Objectives – key skills I will learn



  • Powerful penetrating self-analysis activities to identify & improve your level of performance
  • The technique and process to access and analyze your organization in its base parts and identify processes and systems in need of realignment
  • Individual coaching and skills development
  • 4-step process to ensure delegation success and training effectiveness
  • Identify and discover employee goals and motivations (techniques to attach their goals to company goals to enhance performance; ‘buy in’)
  • Mapping employee development path and activities (individual performance improvements, skills, outlook/attitude)
  • Coach and mentor employees through dynamic development (Discipline is ineffective. GSC develops strengths, turns weaknesses into strengths AND keeps employees accountable for THEIR actions)
  • Self-mastery of emotions and behaviors- direct your emotions; control negative reactions to generate the results you want
  • Self-discipline: ability to inspire and sustain your own energy to achieve your goals (even when you don’t want to! #1 killer for performance)
  • Communication Style Identification: recognize and adjust to each individual’s needs and belief systems
  • Do’s and Don’ts wordsmithing for effective results
  • 7 Steps to positive coaching process
  • 9 Fundamental master leader skills
  • Holistic decision and problem solving success formulas
  • Create a powerful work environment and culture (atmosphere of confidence, comfort, success, and flexibility)
  • On-boarding for assimilation and success (expertly hiring, training, the right people for the right job)
  • Delegation Skills: 4 step process to streamline performance, motivation and results
  • Recognition Process: motivates individuals, desires and teamwork that generates behaviors and self-inspired performance in others
  • Leadership and communication techniques that prevent the generation of conflict


Course outline



  • Fundamentals of harmonious leadership
  • Techniques of effective leaders
  • How to easily and effectively embrace and prosper through change
  • Do’s and Don’ts of leadership
  • Mastering individual development and coaching
  • Choosing the right people and supporting their needs
  • The Nine absolute fundamental skills of the effective leader
  • Decision making for positive outcomes
  • Choosing your path to leadership success
  • Designing and implementing individual development plans
  • Delegation as a development tool
  • Building team trust, loyalty and committment
  • Handling the “difficult person” with ease and positive results


Recommended “Compass System” leadership development system deployment

This individual and organizational leadership development system is most effectively implemented and produces the biggest returns when provided to the leadership group. It allows the organization’s management to set the tone for positive and high performance operations while building a harmonious workplace culture. The training adjusts and realigns the entire leadership team simultaneously ensuring all understand, embrace and teach the needed performance expectations. This rapid change model facilitates greater multiple exposures to the new information and standards. In addition, it allows for support in assimilation and execution. We believe in consistent standard training and support your organization by offering significant discounts on purchases of multiple systems (see the TLI cart).



We were growing too fast and expanding to city after city. We could not acquire or train quality leaders fast and sufficiently enough to create solid sustainable growth. Our leaders were feeling confused and jerked around by the reactionary operations. I found TLI and their Compass System. Mr. Roberts helped me implement it throughout my territory and the positive changes were immediate. From onboarding forward, the training changed our operation. Our leaders’ decision making and confidence improved almost immediately. Their location’s operations stabilized and staff developed into focused teams! I would recommend TLI’s programs to everyone in need operational help!
Kimala McClendon, VP, Strattford University
Kimala McClendon



Best Leadership Program to Purchase

Best Leadership Program to Purchase



  • GSC Leadership & Management Training Program
  • Communication Success Program
  • High Performance Project Management
  • All three online professional programs

1 Year license

12 month subscription

4 reviews for “Compass 1” Leadership Development System

  1. I will only use TLI programs for our management and employees. The rest are the same old reduntant, non-effective materials that only teach certain topics, to one person at a time. I have compared other companies like Carnegie, Six Sigma, Amanet etc, and nothing is more applicable, in a comprehensive manner to really change the work culture. Great company and customer service friendly too. K. Blohm – 3/13/2014

  2. Our company purchased Compass 1 for our managers. It has worked so well, that we purchased Compass 2 for our employees and it has made a huge impact on the morale, bridging the gap between the ages and cultures, and the ‘people problems’ that Mr. Roberts talks about, are far and few between. We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision. V. Chapman – 6/1/2013

  3. Our HR department was charged with finding a solution to bring leadership and employee training in house. Mr. Roberts team met with us to discuss our options and how we could integrate it into our onboarding training. What a difference. All 3 programs – GSC, CSP and HPPM are a perfect blend of skills. We saved money by not having to send people out and it’s sustainable because we have easily folded into our weekly meetings and it doesn’t take long. Thank you Mr. Roberts for your help! J.Dukes – 5/17/2013

  4. Most training for leadership and communication skills are short lived. We love the Compass System- it was the only one that addresses the key skills that EVERY leader or manager in our company needed. Compared to the others, it provided the foundation of skills to have a work culture we wanted, in house, that was able to be sustained. We are very happy with this system and plan to use it as our company grows.

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