Communication Success Program


The Communication Success Program is an interpersonal communication and diversity course that provides advanced communication techniques and skills. The course provides a deep understanding and the ability to identify communication styles and belief systems. This ability allows the participant to interact and communicate on a level of accuracy and comfort effectively beyond normal communication. Permanently learn how to turn conflict into conversation and eliminate the number one cause of chaos in your company.


(CSP) Communication Success Program

Best Company Workplace Communication Program to Purchase


Best Company Workplace Communication Program to Purchase

Best Company Workplace Communication Program to Purchase








Who will benefit

Any and all individuals currently performing in a leadership role as well as all employees.


What’s included in the program

Online immersion course consisting of an assessment, video, audio, and written immersion materials.



  • Style assessment
  • Audio program
  • Workbook
  • Wordsmith Program
  • Communication styles
  • Belief systems-world views
  • Applying what we’ve learned
  • Counseling and communication
  • Manage your emotions
  • How to achieve your goals


Course outcomes

This course provides the participant with the ability to recognize each individual’s communication style. Additionally, it allows the participant to quickly determine the correct words, phrases, and focus to use in any given conversation ensuring they achieve their desired results. It is very in-depth and provides the “what” to say along with exactly “how” to say it to produce the desired outcome from any conversation.

After this training you will be able to:

  • Build instant rapport and relationships
  • Understand the difference between communication styles and belief systems
  • Instantly recognize the communication needs of others
  • Adjust your speech pattern to guarantee the results you’re after
  • Understand how an individual will react to stated information before they hear it
  • Create consensus with coworkers
  • Communicate with your superiors with confidence- always obtain a positive outcome
  • Train team members to communicate positively and effectively,  creating a positive team work culture


Objectives – key skills I will learn



  • Instant recognition of communication styles
  • Confidence and accuracy in conveying information
  • Ironclad verification process to insure desired message is conveyed
  • Recognition and understanding of others’ beliefs systems
  • Understanding of how beliefs systems people hold affect their communication
  • How to instantly remove conflict and negativity from communication
  • To focus all communication on goals removing all negative emotions
  • To build an immunity to negative communication from others


Course outline



  • Communication styles versus personality types
  • How to recognize and adjust to each communication style
  • Having critical conversations with ease and success
  • Delegation communication that guarantees successful results
  • Wordsmithing your message so the receiver only focusses on the content, not the delivery
  • Communicate so the goal and desired result are always the focus not emotions
  • Develop emotional control through the D.A.R.R. communication technique



My agents and brokers were beginning to have challenges understanding and communicating with the majority of their clients who were mainly younger as a group than they were. TLI’s CSP program promised to bridge that gap so I provided it for my organization. The results were extremely encouraging! Our brokers learned to communicate through the needs of their clients, increasing our sales and success.
Mike Herrington, CEO, Herrington Financial Group
Mike Herrington



Best Company Workplace Communication Program to Purchase

Communication Success Program




  • 1 Licence
  • 12 month Subscription

2 reviews for Communication Success Program

  1. CSP is unlike other communication programs I have used. it realistically and practically teaches you not only about the 4 communication styles that you can relate to, but HOW to interact. Most just give you the description, but not how to use it. That is what has much such a HUGE difference in the way people at our company communicate now. A. Ames – 11/16/2014

  2. The Communication Success Program has become our staple program! This teaches how to communicate with others so much better than other programs we have tried. This beats DISC, MMPI, and the others that might have good labels, but never explain how to interact or stop judging others. Our young staff and seasoned leaders really like it’s effectiveness and practicality.

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