The Number One Ingredient to The Powerhouse Corporate Culture Is …..

The Number One Ingredient to The Powerhouse Corporate Culture Is …..

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The Number One Ingredient to The Powerhouse Corporate Culture Is …..

It seems that there are literally hundreds of articles a month are published talking about improving corporate culture, workplace improvement, etc. It also seems that most of them dance around the one thing that everyone wants but apparently no one wants to talk about! That is what people really want for themselves and for their corporate culture—Happiness! We often act as it is some great mystery. At the same time we all pursue happiness with all of our personal power. It’s not a secret…..people just want to be happy!

We buy cars, beach houses, airplanes, vacations, and everything else imaginable, all because we think those possessions and adventures will make us happy! In truth, everything we do is because we think, hope and want it to make us happy! There is no shortage of data showing that happy people are more productive. In fact, there is a mountain of data demonstrating that very fact! We as individuals already know that fact and also continue on a daily basis to define and find what we think will make us happy!

Happiness is key to the powerhouse corporate culture! When we are happy we don’t want to argue, act out angrily, engage in conflict, etc. When we are happy we are at our most creative! Our imagination and ability to conceptualize are at their peak! We can and want to do more, create more and experience more when we are happy! Happiness is more than a state of mind, it’s an outlook, a gateway to us being our best at everything we do! When we are happy we pull out the stops and put are all into what we are doing. We collaborate better and communicate better. We share more and care more about others, our results and remaining happy.

There is no substitute for happiness. Not pills, not alcohol, nothing taps into our true abilities like simply being happy! It raises the question, why do we find it so hard to be happy at work? We all know people like different things. Based on their beliefs they like to be treated differently, they like their environment to contain different things, they want different music and foods. In a work culture we cannot give everyone the exact environment that will make them happy all the time. However, we can ensure they have an environment that will not make them unhappy!

We do that by instilling and supporting a standard of and agreement on the behaviors and activities that are acceptable to be used by everyone in the organization. These are behaviors that are neutral to the beliefs of everyone. Meaning that research has show they have no negative effect on the emotions of any race, ethnic group, religion, gender, etc. These universally accepted behaviors and activities make many people happy, and stay off the belief offense radar of the rest according to research. The key is that we get everyone in the organization to agree to a “Code of Participation” (COP). Of course we don’t force them to agree to the code. We simply show them how by agreeing to the COP they are empowered to achieve their personal goals and aspirations while they are helping the company accomplish its mission. By attaching their personal goals to our organizational goal, they eagerly agree to the COP. After all, it means they get to come to work and focus on their job while being treated with dignity, respect and honesty. The agreement is that they do the same for everyone else along with the actual activities that produce the desired goal achievement.

The behaviors and activities are universally accepted actions and techniques that offend no one while leaving full command and control for the leadership! Using this concrete performance standard creates a work environment that is harmonious, cohesive, and highly productive. People are happy so they share and spread happiness. They cooperate freely. They help others and offer their support freely. They are more considerate, kinder, and more positive. Add this to positive leaders who motivate and inspire through positive behaviors and the work culture becomes a happy rewarding environment for all!

Turnover goes toward zero. People want to stay there throughout their work life. Employees take pride in where they work and who they work with spreading positive words to everyone they speak with about their workplace. Overhead drops, enthusiasm increases and productivity soars, all by creating a work environment that allows people to be what they want to be more than anything—Happy!

This is the secret to success for any organization. It’s what we have been teaching and building into companies for years at the Team-builder Leadership Institute. It doesn’t require huge investments and gimmicks to coerce performance out of people. Just give them the workplace environment that allows amazing performance to naturally come out and enjoy the results!

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