Online Professional Skills Training Courses

Online Professional Skills Training Courses

Training develops talent. When you add skills and practice them until they become second nature and they combine with your experiences and abilities, you’ve expanded your playbook and become more valuable to yourself and others.

 Whether you are a visual, kinesthetic, or auditory learner, our online training is designed to expand your knowledge base and guide you to develop your new talent through repetition, assimilation and practicing your new knowledge. 

Our courses are used by thousands and lauded from coast to coast. Our training courses are designed and delivered with the learner in mind (based on the principles of adult learning and instructional design models.) Anyone that has a sincere desire to add new skills and develop new talents will with our online courses – will.

Our courses teach you, train you, and provide you the opportunity to master what you’ve learned through relevant practice and guided activities that have you use what you’ve learned and practiced in the real world.

Our low cost high quality courses are guaranteed to change your results and improve your ability to succeed in your/any career! We have professional skills training courses for the employee, the supervisor, the middle manager and the CEO. Different levels require addition skills, TLI understands and recognizes the need and provides for all.

Choose your course that will totally prepare you for your position. Whether onboarding a new employee, training a new supervisor, or preparing a middle manager for their promotion are training courses will guarantee their success.

Available Courses:

New SupervisorGoals Structure Culture Leadership Course – (certification available)

Middle ManagerMiddle Management Specialized Skills – (certification available)

Employee OnboardingWorkplace Performance Success System – (certification available)

Communication Success Program – (certification available)

Diversity Specialist
Understanding and Mastering Diversity – (certification available)

Law enforcement
And Public Service
Middle Management
Law Enforcement Middle Management (certification available)

Project ManagementHigh Performance Project Management – (Certification Available)

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