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Online Professional Certifications



Welcome to TLI’s Catalogue of online professional certifications.  TLI’s certifications are the top of the line in their field. They represent having the current cutting edge knowledge and skills in their field. Our certifications provide the recipient with an iron-clad badge of proof that proclaim a superior efficacy to all others in their discipline.

Why Get a Certification

Two reasonsEfficacy is derived from self confidence and knowledge. Self confidence is created by success. The more you succeed, the more you believe you will in the future. The second part of the equation is knowledge. Without knowledge and skill at doing what you are attempting to do it’s much harder to succeed and build self confidence. It’s much easier to do well when you believe you will, and it’s much easier to believe you will when you’ve already proven that you have the skills! A certification benefits both ourselves and others.

The second reason is so others will give you an opportunity to prove your abilities. The reason many organizations require a certification (more and more are being required as time goes on) is that promoting a person or installing them as a project manager for instance, is a great risk with no documentation to show that their decision was based on fact. The certificate shows at one time you had proven you had the required skills. This of course covers management for doing their due diligence.

Our certifications have proven themselves by allowing individuals to excel and quickly ascend in organizations as well as create great success as entrepreneurs.

Available certifications:

Professional Business/Management Leadership

Law Enforcement Middle Management Leadership

Workplace Communication Professional

Workplace Diversity Specialist

Project Management

Middle Management Specialized Skills

Employee Workplace Performance

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