Great Onboarding is like the engine in your car, the stronger it is, the quicker you get where you want to go! 

Typical on-boarding programs have lots of potholes....knowing the policy's and following a checklist is not enough!

What the company doesn't get

  • Employee fully indoctrinated to the organization's work culture
  • Employee knowing their clearly defined chain of support
  • New personnel confident in their requirements technically and environmentally

What the employees do not get

  • Security of knowing all expectations
  • A sense of belonging and invitation to the team
  • The defined path to their success with the company
  • First line trust and loyalty offered and requested

Great on-boarding program must haves...so they company gets what they need.

  • All employee expectations both technical and interpersonal
  • Clear chain of support
  • Introduction and invitation to the team
  • Reciprical award of trust and loyalty from immediate supervisor new employee
  • A clearly defined path of actions, activities, and accomplishments for employee success and advancement
  • Indoctrination into team
  • Sharing of team and organization's goals
  • A mutual agreement with immediate supervisor to mutually pursue the company's and the employees goals

With the right on-boarding your job as a leader makes your job so much easier. new employees  are MOST successful when on-boarding includes

  • A clear sense of acceptance and belonging- employees want to participate
  • Indoctrination into the group 
  • A thorough picture of the work culture and all expectations required to assimilate
  • Required actions and activities to experience job security
  • A clear path for the employee to achieve their professional and personal goals
  • A familiarity with their new surroundings and coworkers
  • A well defined chain of support

Solid onboarding come from solid leadership systems

Leadership training and development

Leadership from onboarding, succession to success!

Great onboarding stems from leadership systems where employees are viewed as opportunities to be developed into their most effective and successful self. It’s leadership that know people are emotional creatures and need to feel a sense of belonging, security and confidence from the very beginning of the relationship for them to trust and be open to put forth all their talent and effort! Onboarding is more than a checklist, it’s a new beginning!

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