Management and Professional Skills Training and Leadership Certification

Management and Professional Skills Training and Leadership Certifications


Management and Professional Skills Training and Leadership Certification

Give Your Leaders and Employees the Direction to Their Success!

Every leader and employee alike needs the interpersonal and work performance skills that will make them extremely effective in their position and prepare them for the next level.  These Management and Professional Skills Training and Certifications will change the way you do business!


Our “GSC Influence Leadership” provide the universal and specific skills for leaders and employees that research demonstrates are desired by organizations as necessary to be the most productive possible as an individual and within a team. These are skills that:

  • Remove conflict
  • Provide a working knowledge and understanding of human beliefs and behaviors
  • ensure information sharing
  • Provide emotional stability
  • Create a positive work environment
  • Create a unified sense of purpose
  • Put every team member on the same path to production
  • Remove negative, distracting (and at times illegal) behaviors
  • Elicit an organization wide laser focus on goal achievement
  • Create a cooperative and comfortable format of communication
  • Provides a unified, across the board, performance standard for all (CODE OF PARTICIPATION)
  • Delegate so you train your team members, guarantee success, access skills, create opportunities for recognition

Your “Code of Participation” is the Remedy for People and Performance Problems!


Providing you current and future leaders with our “GSC Leadership” training, guarantees that when they use what they learned, your leaders will manage people legally, ethically, morally and successfully!  It protects their career and your organization’s future!

Every CEO and organization needs and wants a workforce that meets a professional standard of behaviors and has a universal commitment and understanding of how to accomplish the organization’s goals! Employees that know and use productive actions and activities at work create a positive and civil workplace. The way to create this workforce is to have a “Code of Participation” (COP).

The Code defined...
The code is a well-defined, achievable by all, standard or performance model that everyone in the workforce agrees to operate by. It allows individualism, flexibility, and autonomy within an agreed upon framework or standard of techniques and behaviors that ensure positive forward momentum. It’s an opportunity for every individual to commit to everyone else in their workforce and for them to know they have the commitment and support of everyone else. Teams are a product of an agreed upon understanding and commitment to the achievement of common goals.

Organizations in America lose Billions of dollars a year in litigation due to harassment and abuse of employees from leaders and employees that thought (or didn’t bother to think about) their behaviors were acceptable. Of course, they lose billions more to marginal performance and apathy from their workforce. Studies show over 20% of the average workforce is disengaged and live by the credo, “another day another dollar”. Mid-level managers in particular suffer with these challenges as they are the bridge between the C Suite and the production line.

Now you can give your organization Ironclad professionalism and performance with TLI’s “GSC Influence Leadership” and feel confidence that you and your organization have adopted and implemented their Code of Participation. This is cutting edge research, actions, techniques and a commitment to a high performance standard that will answer any questions that anyone may have as to what are acceptable, positive and productive behaviors in the workplace! Your leadership and workforce provides expertise in:

  • Communication
  • Emotional control
  • Understanding others
  • Relationship building
  • Team building
  • Successful delegation
  • Positive counseling, coaching and reviews
  • And much more…

Our “GSC Influence Leadership” is a three course “Cure-all” for your workplace achievement. Your operations activities, systems and mission will be aligned, understood, and agreed upon by all giving your organization a smooth, committed and focused workflow. The implementation for the GSC Influence Leadership System’s standards, knowledge base and activities has for many and will for your organization, provide the indisputable profit and results your organization, stockholders and stakeholders have longed for! Unlike most consultant and training organizations, at Team-builder Leadership Institute we guarantee that once our Code of Participation and standard is adopted by your organization you WILL get a sustainable double digit performance boost!



How it's a preventative 'Cure-All'
In the world, there are standards for most everything:  food standards, drug standards, vehicle and car emissions standards etc.  There are ,however, no standards for leadership, communication or how people work to be most effective.  And its not the company policy hand book or other laws we are talking about.  Our programs that make up our leadership certification training systems give your company, leaders and employees a positive model of how to lead and be lead, solid trust with fellow workers, goal focused, with positive communication REGARDLESS of their personality style, ethnicity, race, gender, age, or attitude.  Clients LOVE this system because it removes the barriers through understanding how people believe and the 4 communication styles and task building skills that make people happy and successful at work (and at home so problems don’t spill over to affect the workplace either!).
Indisputable results!
From the minute you begin to train your leaders and employees with our Influence Leadership training, organizational productivity will increase. Your leaders will gain 38% more compliance by knowing how to properly delegate. Your employees that are trained with our Leadership and Workplace Efficiency System will gain up to 64% individual productivity because they understand they don’t go to work to get money–its their individual goals that they work for and your leaders learn how to identify them and tie their goals to the company goals – a HUGE IMPACT. Your absenteeism, turnover and apathy will disappear. The team and the goals will become the focus of the entire workforce because your company will have a standard way of interacting through the training provided by their GSC Leadership course. When everyone is on the same page, it’s easy to reach individual and company goals.
It's Ironclad!
People are raised with beliefs they learn when they grow up, ways of communicating and how they function in the world.  Put them all in a workplace and it’s a melting pot, waiting for conflict, gossip, hiring, firing, and some great moments too.  Our leadership and workplace efficiency training systems cut through the myriad of differences and teach everyone how beliefs and communication styles can interact well and actually have a smooth workplace environment with high productivity and individual satisfaction.  Our Mid-Level Specialized Skills Certification training removes conflict, apathy, and uncertainty from the workplace. It connects and synchronizes organizational leaders and employee efforts creating a workforce that communicates pleasantly and effectively, supports all stakeholders consistently and focuses on achieving the mission of the organization. It has a built in leadership succession foundation. Leaders develop everyday just by working in the GSC Influence Leadership workplace and all employees communicate and work productively in a manner that satisfies them and the bottom line.  It is absolutely Ironclad!



The Unique Combination of Skills Make Your Leaders and Employees Extraordinarily Powerful and Productive!



Our “GSC Leadership Training and Certification” is a CEO’s, Mid-Level Manager’s or Supervisor’s “Dream Come True”!


Management and Professional Skills Training and Certification


Your leaders and employees learn the skills and abilities to become up to 64% more productive and efficient at work-overnight!  What would your workplace look like if all your employees were that much more productive and efficient?

It’s not a dream;  it’s TLI’s GSC Leadership training programs!   Each leadership and professional skills training program provides a specific result for your organization.





Management and Professional Skills Training and Certification 

Prevention vs Discipline
Discipline Our GSC Influence Leadership focuses on fixing problems before they happen, whether personnel or operations. Managers are taught to consistently observe and look for potential challenges. With each person having a different set of beliefs, often an individual’s beliefs are not in alignment with that of the organization. The usual result is disruptive behaviors from the employee that creates drama and damages cohesion and motivation. Whether it deals with bully behaviors, inappropriate language, or an apathetic attitude often leaders are unequipped or reticent to confront and alleviate the disruptive behaviors. Sometimes a person like this can poison their work environment for years with their negative actions never being addressed. GSC leaders are taught to quickly recognize, address and remove these issues. The GSC Leadership course provides specialized training and techniques that provide leaders and managers with the tools to safely remove these behaviors and rehabilitate the employee. Often they become one of the organizations superstars after the GSC leader has taken the time to help them improve their performance.
Leadership Succession
Often organizations don’t have leaders with the ability to adequately train direly needed future leaders. Our GSC Leadership Training creates an operational work environment where managers follow the same standards, techniques, and behaviors and are constantly training new leaders by doing their normal duties. It creates a constant pool of highly trained leaders that are already trained in your work environment. This allows them to take the reins and immediately produce.



Who’s it for and who will benefit?

All managers, supervisors and C-Suite Executives!


Your results are guaranteed!





You get more time from your day!
Where did my 40% go? Often what we experience with people, we inappropriately mislabel. We may label someone as prejudice, aggressive, arrogant, too direct, etc. We say to ourselves, “that is just who they are and I don’t like them”. At that point we usually give up on trying to work well with them. Each individual lives in the world they BELIEVE exists. We can’t make them like something or dislike something. What we can do is help them understand the beliefs that aid them in their pursuit of their success and the beliefs that are in their way! The GSC Influence Leadership training teaches the participants how to understand the origin of both their beliefs and that of all others. Employees learn how to look at another and instead of being offended by something they said or did, they understand where it’s coming from. It allows them to stay focused on their work regardless of what others are doing. Peace of mind comes from understanding for people. The advanced skills in communications and self-awareness provided by the GSC Leadership Certification training  provides the peace of mind and stability!

What does our “GSC Influence Leadership” training certification courses do that competitor training doesn’t?



If you want an employee to succeed, ensure they do by providing the tools that will guarantee their success! When a new employee comes to your organization they need to be able to be quickly assimilated into the culture. That means the culture must be stable, attractive and acceptable to people from all cultures! They also must know how to communicate pleasantly and effectively to quickly integrate and produce. To give them the gift of easy and effective communication and the ability to quickly assimilate into the culture of your organization, use TLI’s:

1. Communication Success Program (CSP)

2. High Performance Project Management Program (HPPM)



Employee Development:

Often employees enter the workforce or are able to survive in the workforce with little positive people or organization skills. At the Team-builder Leadership Institute we call these workplace performance skills! Just as often, leaders do not know how to identify what skills the employees need or how to provide them for them if they did know. Unfortunately more often, the leaders don’t know the missing skills themselves and really have no clue as to what direction to take to develop themselves and the team members to become HIGH PERFORMERS.

This is where our Communication Success Program and High Performance Project Management save the day. With these easy and fun to use training programs employees will quickly learn to:

  • Build positive relationships with all coworkers through powerful communication techniques
  • Remove negativity and conflict creating behavior from their communication and behavior
  • Recognize how to adjust their actions to elicit cooperation and support
  • Plan, manage, execute and close out tasks obtaining the desired results
  • Create clear and concise information sharing, scheduling and cooperative efforts

Whether a new employee to your organization or one that has worked there twenty years, TLI’s CSP and HPPM courses will quickly, inexpensively and permanently transform your organization’s work environment, performance and results to what you have always wanted it to be! Your Results are Guaranteed!

Our GSC Leadership and workplace performance courses are the training experience and opportunity that all companies have always wanted but didn’t have available–Until Now! Most corporate training is designed for and offered to the 18,000 plus companies with over 500 employees. Unfortunately, most of the available training is also priced for those large companies training budgets as well! Our Leadership and workplace performance training and certification courses are designed and offered for the benefit all, from small organizations to the very large.


At TLI, we know that every company deserves to have the best tools available and the opportunity to pursue and reach its maximum potential! Our training and development system is made for and dramatically benefits:

Companies that:

  • Have 5 to 15,000+ employees
  • Are looking to stabilize performance, output and profitability
  • Need a fast turn-around to thrive and survive
  • Need to reduce overhead and increase profit
  • Need a lot of result for little financial investment
  • Have a desire or need to grow
  • Need to stabilize operations and performance
  • Do not have a fortune 500 training budget yet need the performance benefit, boost and structure
  • Need a high performance culture to increase market share
  • Need a leadership stabilization and succession process
  • Are just ready for a performance boost
  • Are ready for a change to get more desirable results

Our training courses are designed for whole team and organization simultaneous deployment. When installed in the organization’s workforce this way, it quickly changes the culture to a high performance, harmonious, goal focused sustainable workplace culture! This is a huge advantage our training programs are created to provide. 


Who’s it for and who will benefit?

All employees. Perfect for all, from customer service to IT and support personnel!

Your results are guaranteed!



What are our “Workplace Performance Courses” and how are they different from other training programs?

In short, it is cutting edge leadership and individual professional skills programs that address the 3 “must haves” of all successful companies!. The training and development are focused on long term assimilation with proprietary training methods and activities that ensure success! Our methods overcome the reasons most people think training is ineffective:

  • Information erosion (95% lost before leaving the training room)
  • Information overload (too much at one time)
  • Lack of multiple exposures (on average a person needs 6 exposures with practice to learn)




All organizations want their workforce to be the most efficient and effective they can be, that goes without saying. The challenge is many leaders and managers do not know what skills to actually provide for themselves and their subordinates to make the workplace drama free, positive and highly productive. There are key responsibilities leaders and managers perform that unfortunately, most are never trained well on so they know how to do them effectively. Responsibilities like:

  • Individual coaching
  • Performance counseling that produces positive change
  • On-boarding and new employee integration into the team
  • Assessing employee training and development needs
  • Communicating to create rapport, common ground and goals
  • Delegation that always trains, assesses capabilities, creates opportunities for recognition and always get the desired results on time
  • Individual and team relationship cultivation
  • Training the next generation of highly effective leaders


These are just a few responsibilities that leaders and managers everywhere face every day and are most often ill equipped to do so. For the average employee, most of their challenges come from communicating and interacting effectively with their peers, subordinates, and superiors. Nothing tears down the effectiveness of a team like conflict! When employees are at odds, they avoid one another, purposely do not support one another and at times, even work directly against one another to the detriment of the organization. Employees and front line managers as well often face challenges that impede them from doing their job. Unfortunately (and usually) those challenges are people generated not environmental. Challenges like:

  • Emotional outbursts
  • Interdepartmental conflict
  • Failure to support other individuals and teams
  • Shared responsibility (the other guy was supposed to)
  • No clear line of authority
  • Lack of authority to get the needed support
  • Derelict supervisors and managers that only get in the way
  • Disliking people that are different (they don’t think and believe as I do)


These are just a few of the many stumbling blocks people run into in the workplace.

Management and Professional Skills Training and CertificationThe Team-builder Leadership Institute’s Leadership / Management and Professional Skills training and certification provides the advanced communication, leadership and professional organization and results management skills .  Skills that create a work force of goal focused, cohesive, high performing and committed professionals at all levels! Our leadership and workplace performance training courses immerses learners in the skills, direction, operational standards and behaviors for all employees, no matter what level they function at. The result is each individual’s operational behaviors deliver peak performance and a harmonious sustainable work culture. Our GSC Influence Leadership Certification training is a 3 step performance and certification package that provides the core skills all people need in the work place;  from starting work on the first day all the way through being promoted to CEO and eventual retirement. Individuals will need other technical training throughout their career, however, TLI’s GSC Influence Leadership Certification training will give them the direction and ensure the company’s and their individual voyage through their career is smooth and rewarding for all!


Management and Professional Skills Training and Certification

Clearly, TLI’s leadership and workplace performance training and certifications will transform YOUR Organization. It is your low cost, easy to use, high powered performance solution to vault your organization and workforce to the top of your industry! Maybe best of all, you will get the credit for that meteoric rise to the top by bringing it in!

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Let Us Give Your Workforce the Direction to Personal and Organizational Success with TLI’s Leadership and workplace performance training!


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