Live Leadership/Management Course Content

Live Leadership/Management Course Content


Good Managers Needed!

Organizations need managers. However, they need managers that can lead people effectively and plan, organize and control operations efficiently. Managers that have an understanding human emotions and are able to create and maintain a positive work environment. Managers that keep the organization’s mission and vision as the focal point of their actions and behaviors. These are the leaders and managers that build strong cohesive work teams able to pursue and achieve consistent high quality results.


This course is designed and delivered so as to develop these managerial and leadership abilities in its participants. The content provides the key skills, techniques and behaviors. The course delivery coaches and mentors the participant immersing them in the curriculum.



Participants learn to:

  • Recognize, understand, and quantify the needs of individuals to effectively develop them, maximizing their potential
  • Understand the purpose of a leader and the traits and behaviors that maximize individual and team performance
  • Understand leadership is not a one-size-fits-all,but rather must adjust to each individual’s needs to maximize results
  • Consistently avoid behaviors and actions that destroy relationships and results
  • Accurately access individual’s training and coaching needs
  • Create a positive work environment for each individual
  • View and use change as an opportunity
  • Design positive and efficient processes and systems
  • Delegate to achieve consistently superior results
  • Eran and maintain trust and loyalty
  • Create a self fulfilling leadership development team environment
  • Know how to effectively build positive relationships cultivating cooperation from everyone
  • Evaluate situational variables to create the most desirable outcome for all stakeholders
  • Design short term and long term consistent success


Because participants have constant access to their instructor through the discussion boards and live training, participants are able to practice, receive feedback and coaching to perfect their craft.

Enroll your leaders and managers now and take their performance to the next level!


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