Leadership and Management Skills & Secrets that Will Change Your Life

Leadership and Management Secrets that Will Change Your Life

Secret skills of a leadership Titan



Course features:
The library is a collection of critical skill functions managers face everyday in the workplace. These video lessons are designed so the user can quickly (in less than 20 minutes), get the information necessary to effectively and successfully perform the function, whether delegation or an annual review. More lessons are added periodically, so the library continues to grow, always on core leadership and management tasks and topics. The subscription gives you unfettered access to the library.




easy leadership, better manager trainingWhen you’re in a leadership or management position, who doesn’t want people to do what needs to be done, when and how it needs to be done? Why is it that rarely happens? Most of the time it’s just because people don’t have the right skills to make it happen! After all, most people don’t grow up with a master leader and get to learn by example. If you want leadership to be easy, if you want to be confident and get your results with little effort, if you want to become a leadership Titan, it’s all about the skills!

The average person grows up, gets a job, at some point gets a promotion to a supervisory position and then struggles to understand why everyone seems to be purposely working against them! Anyone whose taken this path knows, as AC/DC would say, feels like they’re on the “Highway to Hell”.

online leadership training, leadership skills, management skillsOr, let’s say you’re one of those lucky folks that did grow up and gets some skills. Then like most, you probably got just enough to get decent results but at a high cost in stress and frustration. The difference between an awesome leader and an average leader is really just a few skills. Unfortunately, most people don’t know them. So, while they are not secrets per se. They are little known and practiced by only the few fortunate souls that know them.




Leadership training, online management trainingFor people who are ready for a change and would prefer to get off of that (AC/DC) highway, we at TLI have put those little-known skills into short video training sessions so the user can pick them up easily and use them immediately. These are skills to catapult your performance and results to epic levels. These are skills that free up our time, guarantee your results and create laser focused employees intent on doing your bidding! No, you’re not an evil master-mind but with these skills you will become a master of influence and a leadership Titan!

Get your access to the Team-builder Leadership Institute’s “20-Minute Training” catalog today and make your leadership position a piece of cake!


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