Instant Project Management

Learn to do a Project Expertly without Thousands of Dollars and Weeks of Training!

Who does it work for?

  • People assigned projects yet have no project management experience
  • People desiring to learn project management
  • A comprehensive introduction for people wanting to become certified in Project management
  • People who have no time to prepare for a project
  • Project managers who can’t afford mistakes
  • Projects that must come in ontime, onbudget with the quality required
  • Project managers needing or wanting a refresher on the techniques and sequence of the professional project management methodology

Features of the Guide

  • Sequential step-by-step instructions from beginning to end of a static or dynamic project
  • A view and walk through of the required conversations with project sponsors and stakeholders and the necessary outcomes
  • Detailed instruction and direction on each phase, process, and activity required throughout the project
  • Information, examples, advantages and disadvantages of project tracking devices
  • Information, examples and benefits of various project management softwares
  • Detailed SCOPE conversation including tools and completion methods
  • Communication processes for sponsors, stakeholders, team members, vendors, and more
  • Download it instantly

You don’t need a project miracle but rather a project manual and success guide, written for the average person!

Project Management made Simple and Successful!

Get the security of knowing what to do, how to do it and when to do it for your project. Research shows 97% of projects fail! They do not come in ontime, onbudget or with the quality required or at times without all three! Don’t be in the 90%! Give yourself the ability to navigate through to a successful completion, step-by-step. You don’t have to wing it and you don’t have to  spend thousands of dollars and weeks of your life to guarantee your success! Just follow the professional project management methodology step-by step and create your project ontime, onbudget and with the quality required!

Buy it Now! $29.95

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