How to Fix Toxic Behaviors at Work

 How to Fix Toxic Behaviors at Work

How TLI is Igniting the Culture of Modern Leadership



Culture of Conscience at the Team-builder Leadership Institute

Focus on goals & get commitment.

Gone are the days where the Bully Leader is thought well of! People today want a leader that guides them to success, cares about their success, and is willing to share with them the skills, techniques and behaviors that will help them to achieve their personal desires while they are helping the organization achieve its mission! Today’s workforce wants a leader that will lead not be a talking head shouting commands and demanding results while offering no support!


Today’s leadership quest

There is a search going on in our society right now! Everyday hundreds of articles are published with people telling the rest of us what they think leaders should do and what they think leadership really is. It’s come to a point that the momentum is pushing us forward. The problem is that there is no consensus and we are moving forward to nowhere!

Most leadership programs, training companies and even universities, provide a disjointed collection of skills and bodies of research showing hit and miss techniques that do not have a central goal when leading people. What we have discovered at the Team-builder Leadership Institute, is that leadership is all about the central goal! As our society has evolved and the populace become more educated and less accepting of authoritarian acts of aggressive leadership, we find ourselves at a place of uncertainty.

At the Team-builder Leadership Institute we know what society is looking for. We have that understanding that has eluded most. In today’s modern world and in our more educated and service oriented America, an organization will only reach its peak performance when every individual is committed to the goals of the organization as well as to the goals and success of the others within the organization. We’ve always known that collectively we are more powerful! Our search has been to find a form of leadership that could build that cohesive and harmonious workplace culture that would generate that collective, focused and cohesive effort from the workforce.
best leadership and team building trainingAt the Team-builder Leadership Institute, we have created our development programs and systems to do just that. Our programs create an organizational work environment of powerful productivity, cohesion and harmony! Research shows that we as people operate 90% of the time on auto-pilot, meaning that we react through our emotions and personal feelings to situations instead of respond through our cognitive abilities based on desired results. The result of us being mentally disconnected most of the time is that leaders and employees will do and say things from feelings of anger, fear, jealousy, desire for control, etc. These actions create chaos, waste valuable time and resources, and lead to an astounding statistic showing the 97% of projects undertaken fail! That is they do not come in on-time, on-budget, or with the quality required!

All organizations experience this chaos and conflict, even those universities supposedly housing the “Top Business and Leadership Schools”! If there information works so well, why doesn’t it help them?! How to Fix Toxic Behaviors at Work: The reason is other training and education organizations have not figured out what we know at the Team-builder Leadership Institute, Leadership requires constant awareness and emotional control over one’s actions and behaviors to maximize its positive effects with people!

Walking around on autopilot serves to create mistake after mistake. It also allows us to make decisions that are not in the best interest of the group or the goals and justify it with, “it’s just business” or “I had to get it done”. These people continue with justifications like, “you have to break some eggs to make an omelet”!


What we (all of us) believe

Leadership CultureSociety has also begun to realize that what we believe as individuals has a tremendous effect on how and what we do. At the Team-builder Leadership Institute, all of our programs and systems provide a deep understanding of the eight belief systems and how they affect our behaviors. The first step to emotional control is understanding why you feel the way you do in a given situation. It’s not enough to know beliefs affect our behaviors and performance. To be a leader that can produce positive results from any group in any situation, it requires understanding not only your beliefs and those of others, but also to develop the ability to change your beliefs to facilitate your success as well as help others do the same! We’ve learned to provide the understanding and abilities to change and remove limiting beliefs through our relationship with the Spiral Dynamics Institute and Dr. Don E Beck. Incorporating his breakthrough research and methodology has given our clients the awareness and emotional control and understanding required to master influence and leadership.



The awakening

To wield the power of a truly respected, appreciated and committed to leader requires that that leader treat everyone he or she interacts with, with dignity respect, and honesty! As simple as it sounds to treat everyone with those three traits, it actually requires understanding how each individual sees dignity, respect and honesty from their relative perspective. That takes being aware and in control of your emotions to pull off. Walking around and reacting on autopilot through our emotions will not accomplish this task!

Leadership and workplace culture standardAn individual leader must always be “Conscious” of their environment and the behaviors they are using to get the most productivity and support volunteered from the group. By the same token, an organization must create that awareness through an organizational wide culture to get the full benefits of a leadership team that can elicit maximum commitment, productivity and cohesion from its workforce! It is a workplace culture where every leader is aware and in control of their emotions. They take actions and make decision using a standard of performance that is focused on positive outcomes for everyone in the organization! Everyone gets what they are after at the same time! The leaders have helped the employees define and attach their personal goals to the goals of the organization (mission). Everyone in the organization knows that while they are striving to get the results for their organization, they are also getting the results they are after as an individual.

A Positive work Culture develops because everyone is “doing the right thing” because it is the right thing for all. The conscience comes into play because the standard teaches everyone what that right things is, in any given situation and your own conscience become an automatic guide to staying on the course of success for yourself and the entire organization! To perform at the level required by that standard and have a “Culture of Conscience” requires that everyone in the organization learn to keep themselves aware and not on auto-pilot! They must have the standard so they know the most effective actions and behaviors and through their awareness can choose the correct solution for each situation. They must also have command of their individual emotions as well as an understanding of how other’s emotions are generated so they can take action cognitively based on the goals instead of emotionally based on their feeling and personal agendas!

By instilling a workplace “Culture of Conscience”, we at the Team-builder Leadership Institute give organizations the answer that everyone in society for the last decade has been clamoring for!

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