How can I be self-confident with a boss that only complains?

How can I be self-confident with a boss that only complains?



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One of the things most of us learn through life, is that there is no one we can depend on like we can ourselves. That is, as long as you are confident in your ability to take on and successfully overcome challenges. We don’t have to be a master at everything, just confident and competent enough to logically work our way through new challenges.


Self-confidence is not a natural ability. It is a learned emotion. When people believe they are good at something they will be. Likewise, when they believe then are not good at something, they won’t be. Henry Ford once said, “if you think you can do a thing or not…you’re right!”.


Some people have never really pushed themselves to use and develop abilities and experience creating, engaging, and accomplishing tasks. Along with that, many people also grow up with others around the telling them what they are and are not good at. Those judgements and proclamations are based on the desires and fears of the others and have no basis in reality. Unfortunately, that is where we get our programming from as we grow up. We believe parents, teachers, preachers, friends and often do not realize they’re just sharing their personal fears or desires.


The result is many people grow up with low or no self-confidence. The good news is that self-confidence is a learned quality and can be developed at any point in life. With an open mind and a little effort anyone can cultivate a healthy self-confidence that will make their personal and work life a whole lot easier. This short video will give you the steps.


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