Guaranteed Leadership Success | Our TLI No Risk Guarantee

Guaranteed Training & Leadership Success

 The Team-builder Leadership Institute Guarantee


Guaranteed Leadership Success | Our TLI No Risk GuaranteeThousands of people and companies purchase, enjoy and have experienced extremely high success with our onsite and online training courses.  Nothing is more important to our experts and leaders at Team-builder Leadership Institute, than the success of the client companies and individuals we help. Our training courses are designed and developed with skills mastery and success for our clients as a priority!

Unlike other organizations, the Team-builder Leadership Institute guarantees its work and client results. With our training, we not only provide the materials and lessons but also the course activities and follow up activities to ensure the client receives the change they expect. When the behaviors, skills, and techniques are implemented as designed and taught our clients always get their desired results. It’s never happened but if a client did not get the change they wanted yet implemented and followed our training as directed (verified by us) for 180 days, TLI will provide additional online training at no cost or a 50% refund of training fees.

With the Team-builder Leadership Institute your success is our goal and it’s guaranteed!!


We give you much more for much much less—Guaranteed!!

Guaranteed Leadership Success


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