Free Online Professional Skills Practice Tests

Free Online Professional Skills Practice Tests

Welcome to TLI’s Professional Skills Practice Testing. Our practice tests are designed to prepare you for the professional certifications you need. Most professional certifications are expensive, so at TLI we make practicing and preparing as inexpensive as possible. We believe knowledge should be openly disseminated and shared. Our practice tests prepare you for the accredited tests where you will display you have acquired the knowledge in that discipline.

Project Management

TLI provides you the opportunity to test you Project Management knowledge and readiness for the oficial test, the PMP. Our 50 question test evaluates your knowledge of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and the project management methodology. The examination is taken straight from the PMBOK and will test your knowledge of project management processes, structure and activities. When you believe you are ready, you can further test your readiness for the PMP examination byu taking our level two project management test.

For a minimal cost of $12.95, the Level Two project management examination is comprehensive evaluation of your PMP readiness. It evaluates your knowledge of the Project Management Methodology from cover to cover of the PMBOK and of the entirety of the project management. Many find it a great readiness technique to first take our High Performance Project Management Course (HPPM) to prepare for our comprehensive Level two project management preparedness examination.

We also have preparation courses to provide the knowledge you need to learn your subject and fully prepare for your certification test.

Practice tests:

Project management – Free practice exam

Project Management – Level Two full preparedness examination $12.95 (temporarily unavailable)

Influence Leadership

Workplace Communication Professional

Workplace Diversity Specialist

Middle Management

Employee Workplace Performance

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