Emotions – Your Secret Source of Power and Key to Your Happiness!

Emotions – Your Secret Source of Power and Key to Your Happiness!



Emotional control, emotional stabilityIf you look around there seem to be two types of people in the world. Those who try hard to control their emotions and usually try to avoid them as much as possible and those people who let their emotions flow freely uninhibited experiencing and sharing with others around them nearly constant drama.



Our emotions are powerful and bring us great reward. When not guided they are usually a great source of unhappiness and misery. These people tend to go from one earth-shattering moment to the next, even though most of the events they experience are more ordinary than extraordinary. Our emotions are actually our own individual guidance system telling us whether what we are giving our attention to is something we enjoy or not. We have names for dozens of feelings and different emotions: happy, sad, disgusted, outraged, pensive, etc. When you boil it down, we only care whether the emotion we are feeling feels good or not.


What many people fail to realize, is that we alone have the ability to change our emotions. It is not outside influences that make us feel good or not, it’s our own choices. Our emotions are generated by our thoughts and fortunately, we can and do guide our thoughts. Meaning, we determine what emotion we choose to feel. For many it’s easier to blame others for feeling bad than to admit they are doing it to themselves. There are tools that can make the change dramatically easier for us to understand and develop our ability to guide our emotions. TLI’s “Communication Success Program” provides the path to understanding and adjusting our beliefs so we can feel good and lead the life we want to. The program allows us to understand the beliefs, actions, and behaviors of others providing the ability to communicate with them with ease and effectiveness.


Emotional control, emotional guidanceMany reading this will be upset at this point, swearing that others are the ones that do the things that make them feel bad. We only dislike the actions of another when we judge it based on our own beliefs. Once we’ve judged it, we assign a thought and feeling to it. If we are upset, it’s because we told ourselves we should be. We could have looked at the action or event and assigned a different meaning and conclusion.


For instance, you see someone wearing something you think is inappropriate. At that moment you can judge their attire and choose to become offended or instead of judging you can determine that they have different taste then you and what they wear has no effect on your life. Now you choose not to give their attire your attention.


Another example: Let’s say you have a belief that does not feel good when you think about it. It upsets you. This belief puts you at cross-purposes with the changes and direction our society is evolving toward. It could be that you dislike a group of people or even your disdain for the speed limit. You have a choice every day whether to focus your attention on that upsetting belief generating unhappiness every time you give your attention to it. Or, you can decide that what that group is, does, or believes, is not worth giving your time or attention to because in the grand scheme, it really has no effect on your life unless you give your attention to it.

As people, we do not have total control over our emotions, but we do have the power to guide them where we would like them to be based on how we want and choose to feel. We are not victims, we have the power. The only decision we must make is whether we will exercise our personal power or allow our environment to distract us from living the life we want to. It’s a choice, chose wisely and be happy all the time!

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