Critical Communication

The Best Team Members are the Ones that Understand Exactly What You are Trying to Say!

All Communication is critical when pursing results

best workplace communication programMore about CSP

Features of the Program

  • Easy to use interactive course system (online access 24/7)
  • Enhanced learning format: videos, audios, & written materials
  • Self-paced, private access, progress tracking
  • 78 page comprehensive activity workbook
  • Visual concept reinforcement
  • Presented through coaching format for enhanced skills acquisition
  • Easy to follow examples
  • Built in activity periods for practice and mastery of techniques and information
  • Takes you way beyond the scope of  other popular programs

Skills and techniques you acquire

  • The ability to almost instantly determine an individual’s communication style (the way they need to send and receive information)
  • Make all coworker conversations comfortable, enjoyable and efficient
  • Build rapport instantly with anyone
  • Remove conflict from all your communication, even when generated by others
  • Understand how the other will feel about the issue and how to present to them for your desired result
  • Communicate with your team through the words, phrases and focus that is inspiring and motivating to them always 
  • Understand why people develop and hold the beliefs they do and what emotions and behaviors their beliefs will generate in any situation
  • Remove your emotional triggers to anger through understanding. No one will be able to say anything to make you angry
  • Have the ability to identify an individual’s beliefs and accurately assess whether they are a good fit for the work and the team
  • You get more than a label for yourself. You get immediately useable advanced communication abilities

workplace communication

Communication Success Program

TLI’s Communication Success training was a real eye-opener to my entire team. The team now recognizes different communication styles and cultural views and are using the knowledge to become more effective communicators. The follow-up retention assignments have really kept the information in the forefront of their minds allowing them to put the information into practice. I would recommend the Team-builder Leadership Institute for any leadership and communication training and transformation. Their entire focus is to make certain the change is quick, effective and permanent.

More testimonialsNancy Mims Regional Director, AHEPA Management Co.                 

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