Complete Middle Manager Online Training System

Complete Middle Manager Online Training System



Course features:
This training package consists of multiple interactive immersion courses. Each course consists of video and or audio lessons with accompanying workbook. Throughout each course, are immersion activities that facilitate using the skills and techniques being learned and insure assimilation and mastery of the information. There are unit assessments and an end of course assessment to gauge your comprehension and assimilation of the skills and techniques. 160 Course Hours CE



mid level manager online training

Let’s face it, you need your middle managers to provide rock-solid results. We’ve all seen that getting the position doesn’t mean the manager has the skills to get it done. For most, even if they have the average amount of leadership and management skills, performance is mediocre at best. You need them to rock-your-world with results rather than just get by!

Average training creates an average leader … at best. Average training is focused on how to change the behaviors of others. However, to become a rock-star of positive performance, the mid-level manager must adopt and change their own behaviors to gain solid influence with, and respect from, others!

TLI’s “Mid-Level Manager Specialized Skills System” provides the mid-level manager with the complete range of skills to transform themselves into a power-house of performance! Our “Mid-Level Manager Specialized Skills System”, contains cutting-edge communication and interpersonal skills with time tested leadership and management techniques, presented in the latest training methods. Blow your mid-level managers’ mind with easy-to-use immersion training that will immediately catapult them to an orbital performance level. Performance is built on rock-solid techniques that fuse teams together and provides a laser focus for their efforts.


This specialized training package consists of:
  1. (GSC) Goals, Structure, Culture, Influence leadership training course
  2. (CSP) Communication Success Plan, workplace professional communication skills training course
  3. (HPPM) High Performance Project Management, workplace efficiency training course



mid level management trainingMid-level managers must know how to plan, organize, control and support to create top-shelf results. TLI’s Mid-Level Manager Specialized Skills System, provides your mid-level managers with cutting edge relationship building, task and project planning and execution mastery, as well as the pinnacle of influencing leadership power.

Get rid of mediocre performance and mid-level managers just getting by! Provide them the opportunity of training that transforms their knowledge and behaviors, pulling out their potential, creating top-of-the-line performance and guaranteed success! Get your mid-level managers the tools to transform their performance today!

In this training system middle managers learn:

  • To manage and lead people through powerful influence skills
  • Master workplace communication techniques that create trust, loyalty and commitment
  • To plan, organize, manage, monitor and control, and complete tasks and projects with precision, efficiently within time and budget constraints
  • Build diverse teams where people learn to tap-in to their differences and use them as strengths
  • Create a work environment that is positive, challenging, pleasant and rewarding
  • To become a “wordsmith” communicating with ease and effectiveness

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