Best Leadership Training Program for New Managers and Supervisors

Best Leadership Training Program for New Managers and Supervisors


“New Manager and Supervisor Leadership Performance Training”



Course features:
This training package consists of multiple interactive immersion courses. Each course consists of video and or audio lessons with accompanying workbook. Throughout each course, are immersion activities that facilitate using the skills and techniques being learned and insure assimilation and mastery of the information. There are unit assessments and an end of course assessment to gauge your comprehension and assimilation of the skills and techniques. 160 Course Hours CE




New managers and supervisors face a unique set of challenges and need solutions aligned to their positions. They need guidance on how to navigate the new responsibilities and be set up for success:

  • Successfully lead former friends
  • Balance time between employees and new responsibilities
  • Provide accurate direction and delegation
  • Create inspiration and goal focus
  • Plan and organize task and project achievement
  • Communicate to inform, educate and inspire…not offend


The Best Leadership Training Program for New Managers and Supervisors

TLI’s  “New Manager and Supervisor Leadership Performance Training” is the all-inclusive solution and path to guaranteed success for the new manager and supervisor! It ensures they have the skills, confidence and path to lead, train and develop themselves and their new team!


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New managers and supervisors need the core leadership, interpersonal and work performance skills to avoid the normal pitfalls of taking on their new role as a manager or leader. Many people are awarded the position and become miserable or disappoint themselves and others  because they haven’t received the information and skills training that will ensure their success as a new leader! They quickly find out if you don’t have the skills, no one did them any favors by promoting them to the new position and increased responsibilities!


To take on a role as a new manager or supervisor, they must have three sets of skills that will generate their immediate and continuous success. It’s in everyone’s best interest that they have the skills and the knowledge BEFORE they take the leadership role, if possible!

  1. GSC Leadership Style:  Goal, Structure, Cultural-Universal leadership behaviors, techniques and skills
  2. Communication Skills: Proven interpersonal communication: understanding of human behaviors, beliefs and rapport building techniques
  3. Workplace efficiency:  the ability to manage processes, systems, and tasks on time, on budget with the quality required


Best time for the new manager or supervisor to be trained

A new leader coming to the organization and taking a leadership position should have this new manager training as part of their on-boarding process. Not only will it set the standards and expectations for them. It will give them the expected cultural norms to follow, teach and enforce for their employees. It will allow them to move into their new position with confidence, setting the example and having immediate credibility with their new team.


For a leader promoted within the company


Best Leadership Training Program for New Managers and SupervisorsOften this is harder than being a new manager brought into the company. The difficulty is usually that the person was friends and coworkers with their team members yesterday and today they are put in charge of those same people and expected to fluidly produce results!

TLI’s Goals, Structure, and Culture (GSC) Leadership Style is the “New Standard” and perfect solution for new managers and leaders. It trains the new manager and supervisor, providing the core and fundamental leadership skills that determine whether that new manager and team will be happy and successful or miserable and regretful! Our Communication Success Program gives the new manager the ability to communicate to inspire, coach and develop others.  Building rapport with peers and coworkers is critical. Our High Performance Project Management, gives the new managers and supervisors the key work performance processes and techniques allowing them to move from the worker role to the manager role with ease and effectiveness.


These three core and mandatory skills sets for new leaders and supervisors are the components in our “New Manager and Supervisor Leadership Performance training”. This training system is success training for the new manager and supervisor as well as for the seasoned manager and supervisor. It takes the developing leader from day one as a new manger to the day they retire after a long and successful career in any workplace culture or environment. The New Manager and Supervisor Leadership Performance training is a leadership and work performance training course that is the new performance standard required for our modern organizations and society!

As an organization, when you consistently provide this new manager and supervisor training to all of your leaders, you create a work performance culture of consistent, goal focused and harmonious teamwork. Senior managers and employees alike thrive in the environment due to its stability and shared operational knowledge and goals. Our “New Manager and Supervisor Leadership Performance Training” provides more than the New Leadership Standard for the modern leader; it also gives your organization a work performance environment that is pleasant, rewarding and productive. Human Resources can spend their time in support roles as intended, instead of disciplinary, counseling or training.


Best Leadership Training Program for New Managers and Supervisors


Best Leadership Training Program for New Managers and Supervisors

Certificate of Completion with Course Hours


1.  GSC Leadership Certification 80 hours

2.  CSP 20 hours

3.  HPPM 60 hours





Best Leadership Training Program for New Managers and Supervisors

Success as a New Manager!


This immersion training is essential if you want to step up and stand out with your current company or in a new organization to become an established new leader. In fact, we tell every client and leader at ANY LEVEL, that it is imperative to complete a high quality new manager and supervisor training program in order to accelerate and validate their success throughout their career!  Our corporate clients tell us that their organizations have invested years and millions of dollars in “traditional corporate training” with little to no results!

We train new managers and supervisors to transform and slingshot their skills, confidence and intuition to provide support to their teams and organizations while they uphold the mission and values of their company.  Precious few new managers and supervisors are qualified to perform at the next level they were just promoted to.  While their previous performance in a worker position merits their promotion, they will be set up to fail if not provided the success skills in “GSC Influence Leadership Training”.  With our proprietary training it becomes very easy to develop employees and new managers to ensure that they’re ready for “the next big thing”.  The “Modern Professional” is constantly self-improving and always striving to be the best they can be! TLI’s powerful immersion training programs will do this for you!


Start Your New Manager/Supervisor on the road to success now!


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