Best Leadership and Management Training Program

Goals, Structure, Culture (GSC) Leadership Development System



Best Leadership and Management Training Program

The best employee performance management and development system

The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born-that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born. Warren Bennis



Best leadership and management training program

Best leadership and management training program

To be a team we must become a team!


To become a team, we must identify our common goals and commit to a specific body of activities and actions that will harmoniously, efficiently, and cooperatively achieve those goals! At Team-builder Leadership Institute, this agreement is called a “Code of Participation”.


“Code of Participation” – An understanding and agreement between all employee in an organization as to sharing, supporting, leading and interacting with others inter-personally and operationally in the work environment. The focus of the code is the achievement of both individual and organizational goals and success. Organizational mandates and operational needs like, Leadership succession, diversity, etc., are built in to the Code making the workplace harmonious, enjoyable and extraordinarily productive!

This standard of interacting and operating ensures cohesive effort and cooperation. It ensures that all potentially negative behaviors and activities are intentionally excluded from the work environment. Research demonstrates that all people operate though their individual beliefs and emotions. The “Code of Participation” creates and environment that keeps the focus on the organizational goals while excluding activities (from leaders and employees) that attack beliefs and generate negative emotions in people. Our GSC leadership standard provides mastery in:

  • Universal leadership techniques, activities and behaviors effective with all cultures, ethnicities, etc.
  • Advanced communication understanding, techniques and focus that creates positive interaction


Our Goals, Structure, and Culture (GSC) Leadership Standard and Style

This cutting edge leadership development system and certification provides comprehensive skills sets and techniques for any leader or manager from beginner to C-Suite executive. Their development is accomplished through our proven immersive online system or onsite at your location. Using videos, audio, written materials and immersion activities the training program ensures acquisition of the leadership style and its key elements:

  • High performance interpersonal communication & emotional control
  • Goal establishment and achievement
  • Planning, organization and execution
  • Loyalty, trust and relationship building


Due to the design of our GSC system, completion and certification can be accomplished in as little as 30 days. Upon certification the participant will have a complete arsenal of skills to lead and develop people easily and effectively. The training system provides a complete, comprehensive and easy to execute template and performance standard. In just weeks the participant will transform into a leader or manager with a vast array of skills and standards of performance able to effectively deal with any workplace scenario with confidence, poise and a positive outcome!   Successful companies need a workforce staffed with highly competent, self-aware, leaders. Leaders that are role models, trainers and developers of people consistently. Our Goals, Structure, and Culture (GSC) Leadership Standard and Style is the opportunity you have been looking for to create that workplace!

People in leadership positions, like all people, normally walk around reacting through their emotions to the situations they experience in the workplace. To build a work environment that is sustainable, harmonious and high performing requires you develop leaders so they are able to engage with others at work fully AWAKE and COGNIZANT of their goals. You must show them how to turn off autopilot and fully engage their faculties so they can respond to workplace situations with professionalism treating everyone with dignity, respect and honesty at all times while remaining focused on the collective goals!


At TLI we have the best employee performance management and development system. This modern leadership style program will elevate your workforce to a higher performance environment!  The GSC Leadership Development program is designed and customized for every level of professional growth. Whether you are a front line supervisor getting started or a knowledgeable and seasoned CEO, our programs WILL provide you a specific path of development that guarantees your leaders and therefore your company a lifetime of success!

 Features of the GSC Program:

  • Easy to use interactive course system (online access 24/7)
  • Innovative Immersion Course Structure
  • Systematic lesson model for layered learning
  • 50 + coaching and mentoring video sessions
  • Self-paced, private access, progress tracking
  • Individual chapter and end of course Knowledge Acquisition Assessments
  • Individual Communication Style self-examination©
  • Individual Spiral Belief System self-examination©
  • Extensive interpersonal communication techniques and skills
  • 148 page coaching and mentoring program guide
  • Our leadership experts are available to assist and ensure your course success
  • You will receive your mastery certification upon of Completion


Best leadership and management training program

GSC Certificate of Completion


Accreditation:   60 Course Hours


+1 (855) 205-6153





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