3 Reasons to choose The Team-builder Leadership Institute

Best Leadership and Employee Training Packages







Knowledge = what you know 

best leadership and employee training packagesIt is often said, “those who can do, and those who cannot, teach.” It is certainly a fact that truly being a subject matter expert is an entirely different circumstance than providing an entertaining pre-rehearsed presentation on a topic! At the Team-builder Leadership Institute, all of our primary instructors have over twenty years as C-Suite execs, regional and departmental managers and professional training providers. Leading and developing people are our passion! Our instructors have not only the education in their fields, they also have decades of experience and keep themselves plugged into the mainstream. Where some training and seminar organizations provide training developed in the last century based on decades old research, at TLI, because it is our passion, we provide up-to-date and PROVEN techniques only! Our goal is to give you cost effective leadership training that is proven to provide massive benefit. If we haven’t and don’t use it, we don’t teach it!







Expertise = the level of achievement you can accomplish with what you know

best leadership and employee training packagesTLI was founded by team builders. Our expertise and experience includes building award winning teams in diverse industries ranging from the military, to finance, to government regulated social services organizations. We understand that leadership, communication and team building are all about people. We understand that people often choose to do things that work directly against their own best and even, desired interests. Our staff are experts in human cognitive functioning and behaviors including interpersonal communication mapping, patterns and harmonizing. Our staff knows that, if you can’t talk to them without upsetting them, then you can’t lead effectively! Relationships are built on positive emotions not negative!








Value = the benefit you get on a long-term basis from the obtained knowledge and expertise

best leadership and employee training packages

Cost Effective Leadership Training

We are passionate in our efforts to make the workplace an enjoyable, rewarding and challenging environment for everyone. TLI’s courses cost much less and provide much more than that of others in the training industry! Our leadership system is an A to Z holistic cost effective leadership training program. You no longer have to purchase numerous courses to try and provide your leaders the full set of leadership success skills and knowledge. TLI has brought them together for you in this one comprehensive program. In addition, we have designed the training so it is most effective when provided to the whole organization simultaneously so it sets the standards as well as build s a powerful and positive workplace culture.




The most important benefit and value you get from this cost effective leadership training program, is an organizational stability and culture that is solid and hugely productive regardless of who comes and who leaves the organization! The culture created by our program becomes the fabric of the organization, not based on individual personalities.

It’s a leadership and management S.O.P. for human activities, communication skills, and managing projects and tasks. It covers the areas where your employee handbook and H.R. leave gaps.




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