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Diversity Training for the Workplace

Online Training


Improve teamwork and Cohesion

Who will benefit:

  • Professionals in a leadership or management capacity
  • Anyone who interacts with others in a work or other environment
  • Everyone desiring to acquire effective work environment creation skills to permanently resolve conflicts, arguments and misunderstandings and focus the group on the desired goals

Features of our Course:

  • Seven Video Training Sessions
  • Comprehensive Immersion Communication Program Guide
  • Hands-on activities
  • Self-paced, private access, online 24/7
  • Knowledge Acquisition Assessment
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Scenario based activities


Program Scope:  Diversity Training for the Workplace Online Program

This Diversity Training for the Workplace Program provides a unique breakdown and understanding of 6 belief systems that are guaranteed to improve interpersonal interactions between! Conflict and uneasiness are eliminated through self-discovery, belief recognition, and focusing on goals. Participants learn to approach work relationships and activities through specific words that are neutral and comfortable to the particular communication style with whom you are speaking to as well as how they prefer to use those words (the actual meaning behind them).  You always get the result you are after through this positive, goal focused and strategic (and genuine) Diversity Training for the Workplace Program.


 Accreditation:  12 Course Hours

TLI Certificate of Diversity

Diversity Training for the Workplace Program
Certificate of Completion


Best Corporate Diversity Program

Best Corporate Diversity Program



Who believes in Diversity Training Anyway?  

It only works if you teach diversity by understanding beliefs, not commanding acceptance of others!  We specialize in team building and communication which are key ingredients in teaching diversity anywhere.

Is it in a company’s best interest to provide diversity training to its employees? That depends on whether you consider radically increased productivity and reduced overhead a good thing or not!


Positive Diversity Team Outlook

If we define what diversity really means to an organization, it means that people with a positive diversity outlook are able to focus on their individual, team goals and required activities instead of on negative emotions because of diversity aka ‘differences’.

When people don’t have a positive diversity outlook, they continually focus on the differences between them and others and not on their reason and commitment for being at work. Their negative feelings toward others become a distraction and impediment to performing their tasks cooperatively and efficiently.


Common mistakes companies make with Corporate Diversity Programs

 Many people feel diversity training is a waste of time and do not like to participate in it.


  • Pushed by government
  • Can get sued if  not provided to the workforce
  • Billed as: liking others builds a stronger team
  • Must attend-mandatory training
  • Attempts to force people to like others for their differences



The challenges there, of course, are that a group of people don’t perform better because they are different colors, ages, genders, etc. A group’s performance level is based on their individual skills, desire and ability to use their talents toward the common goals of the group.


The second myth is that we must like, respect and support everyone! Anytime you tell someone what they MUST do, most people automatically begin to build resistance to the idea because it’s being forced on them. And, ‘you’ll believe and do it because we pay you’ doesn’t work we either.


Beliefs vs Ways to Communicate to Cooperate

How our Corporate Diversity Program works

Organizations hire people and provide training that tells people they must appreciate and respect the differences in others. They tell them other people are an asset because they are a different color, gender, nationality, etc. The problem is you cannot tell someone that they must like someone else or appreciate some else and actually have it make a difference. You can tell them to hide their feelings but that just creates resistance and reduces a team’s interaction and productivity. In order to provide actual diversity acceptance, people must be

  • Shown how to understand why they feel about others the way they do
  • Uncover their beliefs and effect in their work with others
  • 4 Communication Styles & the differences in approach
  • Understand their own individual goals
  • Identify the quickest and cleanest path to those goals


At the Team-builder Leadership Institute our diversity training helps people to discover for themselves why it is NOT in their own best interest to focus on and dislike the differences in people.


We help them to discover and focus on their desired goals (personal and professional).  As they learn to determine their beliefs and behaviors that are an impediment to their success and a waste of their time, they begin to allow others to have their own beliefs but remain focused on the purpose of the goals at work. We help them understand the beliefs they hold as true and we do not challenge their beliefs. We help them form new beliefs (through our proprietary and unique programs), so they don’t feel their beliefs are being challenged and want to dig in and hold onto limiting beliefs. Through this process, they are able to create new beliefs realizing it is in their own best interests to do so. Through this process, diversity acceptance happens automatically..

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