Best Communication Skills Program for Companies


Best communication skills program for companies



Best communication skills program for companies

True communication requires cooperation and a common language; without it you’re just talking!


Course features:
This course is an interactive immersion course. It consists of video and or audio lessons with accompanying workbook. Throughout the course, are immersion activities that facilitate using the skills and techniques being learned and insure assimilation and mastery of the information. There are unit assessments and an end of course assessment to gauge your comprehension and assimilation of the skills and techniques. 20 Course Hours CE




Best communication skills program for companies

Most personality type programs like Meyers Briggs, Disc and Colors (there are a hundred of them) provide you a similar path to understanding your personality (superficially how you interact with others) and also usually provide you a label for it. While this is helpful, having a label for how you interact with others falls short of what is truly needed!

Most of us have spoken with someone that even though they spoke our language, they didn’t use their words the way we use them. They had different meaning based on some understanding that totally escaped us. It’s not enough to know how they delivered the words (through their personality). To really master the ability to bridge that communication gap and communicate on the same frequency, we must also know why they are using the words they are and what they mean to them (communication style).

For each of us, we communicate using our personal beliefs to provide the meaning to the words we choose to use. THE TEAM-BUILDER LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE’s Communication Success Program gives you the ability to understand their overarching belief system and identify their actual meaning behind what they say and how they say it. In fact, once you fully understand how to identify and use belief systems, you are able to accurately predict what an individual will say and how it will make them react in a given situation!

CSP goes well beyond the scope of other programs. It takes you to an understanding that will provide you with emotional control and the ability to know exactly what to say to ensure your message is received the way you intended it, in any situation! CSP is to personality programs as a Bentley is to a Ford Pinto! They are no others in the same league!



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When people of different languages try to communicate with one another it is difficult. To make the communication successful and enjoyable they eventually find a common language. How much easier it is when they both are already fluent in the other person’s language! Even still, speaking the same language as the other, we often realize the words we use and how we use them are totally different!

Terms like:

  • Almost done
  • In a minute
  • Just about
  • A little more
  • Not much
  • She’s mean
  • He’s unfriendly

These are just a very few examples of the words we use that have very different meaning to individuals. One person’s “little while” or “in a minute” is often in reality an hour. To work effectively in a group and truly have positive and powerful communication between the members, a common understanding of the language you are sharing must be achieved.

That is what Team-builder Leadership Institute’s Communication Success Program provides! It gives the understanding of individuals’ belief systems and communication styles so you know what they say and what they actually mean. Why they say it (their beliefs) and how to help them see issues from a more common focused and constructive view!

There is a TV series called “Stargate SG1”. In one particular scene a leader was excitedly telling his team, “I don’t want you to do what I told you! I want you to do what I’m thinking!”

Our Communication Success Program allows you to develop that ability! You can look at it’s a decryption program for human thought and speech.

We often experience a change in others’ demeanor as well as their loyalty and commitment to us based on a single word. Some things once said can never be unsaid! Just as some things that should have been said that weren’t often prove to be a missed often proven to be lost opportunity. TLI’s Communication Success Program provides a level of understanding and ability well beyond and communication or personality type course in existence. With Communication Success Program, in just weeks, participants learn to understand why they believe what they do. They learn the keys to being able to align their beliefs with their goals to gain the power offered by their thoughts and efforts in perfect alignment. Once mastered they are able to produce that same amazing result in others as well. Through our proven video, audio and immersion activities methods and materials participants learn what to say, exactly how to say it, and when to say it to get the exact result they need from others! Participants need only to be open and have a genuine desire to learn and expand their interpersonal communication abilities to successfully master the advanced techniques and skill sets provided by CSP. Their results and rewards be beginning immediately as the participant begins to use their newly acquired skills. Whether at home, at church or at work our Communication Success Program will dramatically change the participant’s confidence, results, agility and adeptness when communicating with others! Your workforce will never be the same once you provide CSP. It will exude ease, cooperation, harmony and dramatically enhanced performance. Get your workforce the gift of confident, clear, and concise communication today!

Why call it the Communication Success Program?

We all know interacting and sharing information with other people is often confusing and frustrating. We tell them what we need to share and they get an entirely different message. This confusion leads to anger, conflict, resentment and destroyed efforts and relationships. This is why it’s call the Communication Success Program! It makes communication with others a success 100% of the time!

Keeping everyone positively focused on the goals and wanting to work with others is the biggest challenge we face as leaders. Often personality conflicts, desire for attention and authority, jealousy, or simple dislike of someone different has a huge negative impact on the work environment.

TLI’s Communication Success Program is a more comprehensive program than any other available program. Where many give you four different descriptions and labels for personality types, our CSP program goes much deeper into the beliefs people formulate and operate through. It demonstrates why people believe what they do. Using it, a leader knows beforehand what to do say, how to say it and what words to use to get the exact result they need.

CSP, develops emotional control in its users automatically. A person’s personality type tells you how they will deliver their message. Their belief system tells you what message they will deliver in any given scenario. When you know exactly how to approach another to get the result you need, it provides a confidence and continuity that makes interacting with others rewarding and easy!

Program Targeted for:

  • Professionals in a leadership or management capacity
  • Anyone who interacts with others in a work or other environment
  • Everyone desiring to acquire effective communication skills to permanently resolve conflicts, arguments and misunderstandings

Course Features you will enjoy:

  • Seven Video Training Sessions
  • Comprehensive Immersion Communication Program Guide
  • Hands-on activities
  • Self-paced, private access, online 24/7
  • Knowledge Acquisition Assessment
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Modules:
    • Leadership Language Program
    • Communication Styles Program
    • World Views
    • Applying what we’ve learned
    • Counseling and Communication to Produce Behavior Change
    • How to Manage your Emotions (EI)
    • How to Achieve your Goals




Here’s what it will do for your company?

To have an efficient and harmonious work environment and culture requires a standard of accepted communication behaviors and techniques. Just as we no longer accept racial slurs or “hey sweet thing” because they incite anger and belittle people; we must also remove other types of communications behaviors some people believe are ok to use but in fact create only chaos. Examples are yelling, being sarcastic, being insulting or belittling, being vulgar, etc. These are behaviors that destroy the very fabric of cohesion and create dissension and hostility. Not all inappropriate or ineffective behaviors are against American law for the workplace. Many of those behaviors are still used and accepted and cost companies billions in lost profits annually in turnover, maleficence and legal fines!

Communication Success Program not only sets the standard for professional and legally accepted behaviors and techniques but it also give the exact behaviors and activities to accomplish that level of interpersonal mastery! No more trying to figure out how to get along with a “Driver” or a “lamb”. With the Communication Success Program your company will have the most effective and professional interpersonal communication standard in existence making your organization impervious to any accusations of prejudice, sexual harassment, etc.!

Communication Success Program shows people who did not learn growing up how to communicate effectively and professionally and not be offensive to any culture, gender, etc. It also provides a deep understanding of others as well as one’s self and their emotions. It will create a company work environment that is pleasant, respectful, very efficient and easily teachable to new employees! CSP provides the behavior, techniques and skills that create a communication standard where everyone is treated with dignity, respect and kindness continuously while keeping activities focused on the goals and needed results for the organization. It creates a culture of openness, honesty and high performance.



Program Scope:  Professional workplace communication training to Improve Communication at Work

This professional workplace communication training program provides a unique breakdown and understanding of 4 communication styles and 6 belief systems that are guaranteed to improve interpersonal interactions with others! Conflict and uneasiness are eliminated by focusing on goals. Use specific words that are comfortable to the particular communication style with whom you are speaking to as well as how they prefer to use those words (the actual meaning behind them).  You always get the result you are after through this positive, goal focused and strategic (and genuine) communication process.


Best communication skills program for companies

Professional Workplace Communication Training



 Accreditation:  20 Course Hours




Easy communication skills to stop conflict immediately!
  1. Belief system identification and understanding
  2. Detailed quick reference breakdown for understanding the communication styles of others
  3. Communication Assessment-not personality assessments (ineffective for understanding how to communicate with others)
  4. Exact verbiage and direction to speak with people in any situation to achieve specific results
  5. Ability to turn conflict into conversation
  6. Techniques to control your emotions in all situations (internal & external power)
  7. Skills you adopt and easily make your habits; helps you in and out of the workplace


Where communication goes wrong: Turn conflict into conversation

Easily use this professional workplace communication training to improve communication at work:  proven standard methodology-works EVERY SINGLE TIME!

In any position, one of the most important leadership characteristics is the ability for a leader, manager or supervisor to have effective workplace communication training skills.

GOAL FOCUSED COMMUNICATION at work is a key ingredient and characteristic for success of each company and all individuals.

In this professional workplace communication training, Communication Success Program, you acquire skills to reach your desired goals and eliminate resistance, push-back or resentment. You learn to phrase your directives and requests in a manner that creates cooperation and commitment from the people you interact with whether subordinate, peer, or superior in position. Our Communication Success Program removes these problems permanently and gives you the power of clear, pleasant and productive communications at work by instituting a standard methodology of skills and techniques as part of the Compass training system.  For you, people you work with and the company!

This standard communication methodology enables EVERYONE to speak with one another with respect, dignity and honesty to create harmony, high productivity and results!

Best communication skills program for companies

Improve Communication at work


Best communication skills program for companies

Focus on goals & get commitment.

Research shows that our emotions affect how we say something 90% of the time! Our professional workplace communication training teaches you how to plan out your conversations to be effective by focusing on the goals.  It is easy to improve communication at work!

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it, but most of us need the ‘how to’ skills!

CSP gives you a standard for all employees to know, what to say, and how to say it.



Best communication skills program for companies

Effective Emails! Professional workplace communication training!

  • Email: we only use 7% of our communication abilities with email
    • Verbal, tone of voice, inflection are missing
    • Body language is not visible
    • Interpretation is all over the place and dangerous because it is interpreted through each of our own personal communication styles (without a standard, people have no way to communicate consistently and effectively)
    • We all know that capital letters, exclamation points, length of emails can cause conflict at work.  And did you know that information included or excluded, openness (the things people share about their personal lives etc., that others are not comfortable with, or the inability to share it) ways csp can improve communication at work
Best communication skills program for companies

Always Approachable! = Most Effective to Improve Communication at Work


Body Language and expressions: communication starts the minute you lay eyes on another person

  • When you see someone, a smile versus an angry expression will totally change the dynamic of how you perceive them as approachable or not
  • Eye contact can engage people or be uncomfortable
  • What they are wearing, what they have in their hands and posture





Best communication skills program for companies

Clear, open communication at work

  • Verbal interaction: a tone in your voice is your pitch, speed of how you talk, expression of your feelings
    • People who are loud or soft
    • Talk a lot, or not at all
    • Up beat or sounding critical
    • Being positive or negative with your inflection (emphasis on words)


These factors make a huge difference in how the person you are speaking to feels about the communication which can either be productive or ineffective to accomplishing your goals.

To be really good at communication means that you must PAY ATTENTION (identify and understand) to the communication style of whom you are speaking with (how they best receive information).  If you are not cognizant or purposeful of what you say, whom you are talking to, and how you say it, the conversation can backfire quick!


 PLAN what you want to say and know the task focus; you will be 100% more effective and in control of your emotions regardless of the situation.  Here’s an example of how you will develop with our professional workplace communication training-CSP.


Scenario example: let’s pretend you are an Arrow Communication Style, about to speak to a Globe:

Arrow:  Arrow:  Susan walks into the office first thing in the morning and sees Marsha, smiling and looking at her.  Susan, being task focused, abruptly asks, without saying ‘good morning’, ‘hello’,’how was the weather’ etc.: says,  ‘Did you get it done?” with a stern tone of voice.

Globe:  Globe:   Marsha, looks at Susan with a hurt look, begins to tear up and in a very low, trembling voice, says yes and then heads to the bathroom, clearly upset.  Susan is standing there wondering what happened.

Arrow  Arrow:  Susan, having her answer, turns and walks away, not paying attention to Marsha’s discomfort.

How does this type of scenario affect how you communicate at work?  Avoidance, fear, lack of respect, and little trust will interfere in production and workplace morale if not remedied. If Susan learned the Communication Success Program, she would have the standard and skills to approach Marsha and build rapport while also getting the answer she asked for.  Both employees would be happy and get what they want.



Benefits to the organization after adopting the skills provided in the Communication Success Program

Best communication skills program for companies

Improve Communication at Work


  • Get cooperation. Good responses from people and support to get things done.
  • Remove conflict, hurt feelings and heated conversations when communicating
  • Improve communication skills at work to influence others and be productive
  • Good communication skills increase your credibility with others (trust YOU and what you are saying to benefit THEM)
  • Communicate positively so you always:
    • Improve the relationship (no misunderstandings)
    • Build cohesion (positive relationship building with each other and all participants)
  • Communicate so you teach, train, and instruct all the time:
    • Less correction, less coaching or discipline needed, and significant improvement to be productive at work
  • Quickly develop future leaders and managers by teaching them the standard of how to be successful at the job or task
  • Communicate so you never blame or accuse, or be blamed or accused yourself
  • Learn how to focus what you are saying on the goals and actions to achieve them versus poor communication where you don’t paint a clear picture of the result or task
  • Decode the intent of what someone is asking of you or telling you.
    • Example: someone says to you—‘I am having a problem getting this paperwork done’.
    • First- ask questions to ensure you understand what was just said to you;
      • What are you finding challenging
      • Where is the difficulty
      • Where is the barrier (knowledge of how to do it? time management? desire to do it?)

If you jump (make assumptions) straight to trying to find the solution WITHOUT asking questions to find out the underlying meaning or intent of the communication, it creates frustration for YOU, the person who is speaking TO YOU, and for THEM.  Lack of workplace communication training skills creates a disconnect and barrier to communicate affecting the goals of the company and personal goals as well.


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 Best communication skills program for companies

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