Best Affordable and Effective Management Training for All Employees

Best Affordable and Effective Management Training for All Employees


TLI’s leadership and management training is the product of decades of education and experience. The methodologies have been developed, practiced and proven in companies ranging from Global conglomerates to new startups.  We believe in giving every company and industry the best affordable and effective management training for all employees!


Best Affordable and Effective Management Training for All Employees

Best Affordable and Effective Management Training for All Employees


 Large Organizations 

Organizations with a workforce consisting of 500+ or with many locations face issues unique to their circumstances. The mixture of cultures, along with a myriad of people from different backgrounds and upbringing create abundant opportunities for misunderstanding, conflict and chaos that can quickly erode the efforts undertaken toward the organizational goals. Fortunately, with the right information and action these organizations can take the necessary steps to create a fluid and conflict free work culture and environment.


 Small Organizations, Not for Profits and Start-Ups 

One of the biggest and most frequent challenges for entrepreneurs and small organizations is the that they are often so busy growing and trying to keep up, they often react and operate on a “keep my head above water” basis instead of a systemized pro-active approach. Just as there are challenges with larger organizations, small companies often struggle to pay weekly wages and absolutely must have good leadership to sustain operations, employees, keep overhead in control and keep focused on the company’s vision.  Training is often seen as a luxury, not a necessity.  Our affordable programs help companies grow BECAUSE of good leadership and GOOD  company morale of ALL employees.  The 3 critical, core components of our programs ensure healthy and positive interactions to stay focused on the mission and future growth and quality of the company and the most important factors there…the employees!

By adopting TLI’s leadership style and the operating system It creates, our clients have experienced fantastic results with little effort and even less being pulled around by circumstances.


 Bridges Diversity Gaps 

Small organizations share some of the challenges their larger cousins do. In most all organizations there are different genders, ethnicities, races, etc., of people working together. All people adopt prejudices as they are raised. They are taught to them through friends, family and even some local societal influences. Consequently, we often have behavioral challenges as a result. TLI shows organizations how to refocus people with negative beliefs and help them arrive at the conclusion that their personal goals are more important to them than spending time disliking and attacking the differences in people. It creates a focused work environment where each individual is viewed as a partner in the pursuit of individual and organizational goals and their differences as a persona become insignificant.


Without a doubt research shows that the most important time in an employee’s development with an organization is when they first start. The “you know what you are here to do so go do it” approach is insufficient to create loyalty, commitment and a positive outlook to the organization. Research shows that there is no better time in their employer/employee relationship where the opportunity exists to create trust, loyalty, commitment and a shared vision like their first weeks with an organization. Clearly, the right on-boarding process and focus are vital to an organization’s success…especially one that wants to be a force in its industry! TLI provides the on-boarding program that will create long-term dedicated employees in an era where this is contrary to the societal norm.

 Culture Creation and Maintenance 

All organizations have a prevailing work culture. The challenge is that, in most, the culture was built with no conscious effort, thought or direction.  Often it does not support the professed values of the organization and is not optimally productive. When our training programs are used as recommended, they create and align the organization’s work environment and culture to a results focused, people-centric, harmonious state. Because our training provides a standard of operations and activities, it builds in a consistent renewal mechanism keeping the organization and its culture aligned, supportive and highly productive.


 Roles and Education levels 

In any industry, company, meeting, social event etc. no two people have the exact same degree, experiences, or experience levels, yet they need to function together as a team to reach company and their own individual goals.  Everyone, must cooperate, with everyone else.  When we do it willingly and with appreciation, work goes faster, is easier and exponentially more productive.  Every role is a cog in the wheel- respecting others talents, no matter what they are, is key to a positive work culture.  IF you are missing the key ingredients of communication and belief system understanding, toxic behaviors, turnover, conflict, apathy, firing, threats and poor productivity are the result…we see it everyday.  TLI has the leadership, communication system and task/project management skills for all roles to ensure better people and customer service satisfaction.

  • Executive leaders: C-suite designations, responsible for dollars in and out, goal setting, environmental change monitoring, policies, customer base and marketing, upholding the mission, vision and goals of the company, setting the model of behavior expectations and positive influence on everyone they come in contact with
  • Middle Management:  Decision assistants, goal setting and reporting, wide scope of employees, locations and reporting out to senior management
  • New Supervisors:  little to no experience managing others, peers.  Limited responsibilities for reporting, budgets, goal setting and quality reports
  • Front-line Workers / field Employees:  Anyone who has direct contact with customers or product production lines and support

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