Becoming a Truly Powerful and Successful Leader

Becoming a Truly Powerful and Successful Leader


A truly powerful and successful leader is wealthy, healthy, settled and successful.

We will define exactly what that means shortly but first let’s discover how a person becomes that leader. There are many books citing many theories that weave a tale of effort and endless pursuit to becoming a great leader. There are some books that tell you some people are natural born leaders. Neither of these two suggested paths are totally correct. In actuality, there are three steps to becoming a powerful and successful leader. Those steps have more to due with the disposition of the individual than their abilities with others.

To be a wealthy, healthy, settled and successful leader is to be learned, aligned and creative. To be learned means you have educated yourself in core areas based on where and who you intend to lead. It means you have and continue to learn in your chosen professional and area of expertise. Your knowledge in that area is at an expert level. You are able to offer professional insight and information that stimulates creativity and action in the people you guide.

To be learned means you have studied people. What they believe, why they believe it and ways to help them form new beliefs that benefit them. It means you have learned that the most effective way to teach is by doing (setting the example). You have knowledge and functional abilities in human health, human social interaction, societal norms, proper etiquette. You have an understanding of societal culture, how it evolves, and how it affects its societal members. You understand diversity and the openness to walk in another’s shoes to see a point from their perspective. It also means you have developed a comfort with you and who you are. You know what you want, and you know you have the ability and power to get it. You have developed that comfort in yourself and your abilities to the point where your desire is to always assist others to be successful and develop that comfort for themselves.


online leadership and professional skills trainingAligned is where your comfort in yourself stems from. You have spent the time to investigate yourself to determine what makes you feel good, complete successful. You’ve determined what you want to do and where you want to do it (even if you were not getting paid for it). It’s what feels good to you. Yes, this journey of self-discovery may take a while. However, you can not be at peace mentally or spiritually without it. You can look at people that spend their days in a profession they don’t like, and you can see how it creates angst and unrest in them. You cannot truly help others discover their alignment and abilities until you’ve already crossed that bridge.

Once you’ve determined who you are and what makes you feel good (occupation and focus), now you must discover your personal power. This is how you grow to understand, believe in and removal any programmed limitations on yourself. The point here is to deprogram yourself from any limitations or conditions that were thrust on you as you grew up. Loved ones and others told you things like, you’re not smart or your so good looking but mean or you’re just a “D” student. They say these things usually with no ill intentions, but these remarks tend to limit our belief in ourselves or put conditions on achievement of our desires or personal success.

You discover you and only you have any power to determine what you achieve in your life. Through positive focus, thought and disciplined pursuit you can achieve any goal or desire. While this part is a spiritual journey for you, there is a massive amount of scientific data to show this is fact and a choice you have for you. Discovery of your personal power will rocket your self confidence to heights un imagined. You will experience comfort and confidence. You will feel empowered and at no one’s mercy any longer. When you align this discovery of your personal power with the knowledge you’ve learned, and a sense of well-being and happiness begins to fill all the moments of your life. You will begin to pursue physical challenges to bring your physical fitness in line with your mental fitness.

Having determined who you are and what you like to experience and having removed any limitations on your desires, your creativity will be stimulated. You will realize you can now operate through your creativity and create your world, your feelings, and your achievements. You have become aligned mind, body and spirit and enjoy the feeling of peace and comfort it provides. As a leader you will no longer get upset with others, they have no power to take you from you feeling of comfort and focus on creativity. You are now Learned, Aligned, and in full creative mode.



online leadership and professional skills trainingSuccessfully having learned, aligned and entered your creative mode will make it easy for you to create and achieve goals and desires. Success becomes easy and an everyday experience. Leading others to their success and with you to yours becomes a positive and rewarding engagement. As long ass you continue to learn, remain aligned and continue to create you will create wealth for yourself and show others how to do so for themselves. You will set the example and show others how to align and become healthy mentally, physically and spiritually which produces health and produces a quite comfort and confidence. At this point you are and teach others how to be completely successful achieving anything they choose top pursue. You have become a truly powerful and effective leader and you develop others to be the same. You are wealthy, healthy, settled and successful! Enjoy it!

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