Learning Enhancement Tool

Cognitive Reset Learning Enhancement Tool


Our knowledge and understanding of human cognitive processes and learning has expanded greatly in recent years. Science has shown us that learning can be enhanced through focus and creativity. In fact, science has demonstrated that we can use our imagination to learn processes as well as we learn them by practicing in our physical world. Our subconscious learns what we introduce it to whether physical lesson or seeing it in our mind’s eye.

Of course we don’t want to replace learning steps in our physical world with our imagination, however, our imagination has proven to be a formidable tool we can use to enhance training. TLI’s, “Cognitive Reset” training is a tool that allows you to access and use your focus and imagination to learn faster and with greater results.

It can be used to enhance any and all training sessions. The tool is provided with all TLI training courses and is actually free for anyone to use to enhance their training experiences. Just watch the video and follow the instructions and boost your learning and results!


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