20 Minute Training – Vital Management Skills When You Need Them

20 Minute Training

Vital Management Skills When You Need Them


Why? – Research shows a third of the American workforce are not provided the training and skills that would make the organization a contender in its industry. These unfortunate organizations hire people yet never provide them with the tools they require to provide the organization with a skilled and competitive work force. Do to this unfortunate circumstance, companies lose hundreds of billions of dollars in productivity each year along with other detrimental side effects like high turnover, employee disenchantment, material loss, equipment damage, union grievances, EEOC law suits and more. Most executive leaders seem not to understand that it is through effective training and development that an organization is transformed from a group of people working under the same banner to a highly organized cohesive team able and willing to pursue and easily produce common goals.


What? – Convenient and easily accessible expert online management and leadership training. Advanced and helpful expert skills and techniques known by only the most skilled leaders and managers. Individual areas of expertise that transform managing people from a daunting and at times, an unforgiving odyssey, to a predictable and desirable avenue of accomplishment. Core courses that provide the assistance and skills that leading people requires every day. Succinct courses that lay out the skill set in a precise and easy to assimilate manner providing for immediate practice and use. Each topic is stand alone and designed to allow a participant the ability to quickly immerse themselves in the training and then rationally and professionally use the information to produce the results needed through others.



How? – In as little as 20 minutes or less, participants can select the course they need advanced skills on and quickly get the information allowing them to immediately put the skills into practice. Conveniently broken down into individual skill sets, the training allows the participants to identify their learning needs and pursue just what they need now. Each course also identifies other skill sets which enhance the user’s abilities by providing recommendations for supporting skill sets. Getting started is easy! Just subscribe to the 20-minute training catalog for the low monthly fee of 24.95 and we will provide you unlimited access to dozens of advanced and professional 20 minute training courses. Use them at your convenience, access them anytime and anywhere you have internet access. Your complete access remains until you unsubscribe. Keep in mind as well, it’s a continually growing catalog. New skill sets and topics are added continuously. You can even suggest new topics and if they are relevant then the Team-builder Leadership Institute will develop and make available your needed course!


Expert courses:

    • Solving complex problems with ease
    • Building emotional immunity
    • Building team cohesion
    • Developmental counseling
    • Delegation to guarantee success
    • The power of creating and pursuing goals
    • Employee interviewing
    • Onboarding
    • Employee skills assessment process
    • Making the annual review a powerful success tool
    • Creating workplace expectations
    • Setting the example
    • Organize and prioritize to realize your desired results
    • Coaching to ensure employee success
    • Tapping the power of assertive communication
    • Using change to your advantage
    • Become a wordsmith and communicate with ease
    • Building self-confidence – the key to your personal power
    • Using positivity to create desired results
    • Removing assumptions to create phenomenal results


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